Thursday, December 03, 2009

Two Christmas rituals

December 1st is the start of Advent, the countdown to the Norwegian Christmas season. This week, I will perform two Christmas rituals. Friday, I will prepare a traditional pork rib, and Saturday I will make my piece de resistance, long roast duck.

Norwegians have different Christmas rituals. Along the coast you may be served steamed codfish or "pinnekjøtt", made from cured and salted mutton. Turkey has grown more and more popular as a more healthy choice for Christmas.

Traditional pork rib with crispy cracklings

I am accustomed to pork rib with crispy cracklings as Christmas dinner. The rib is supposed to be left marinating for a few days in salt and pepper. This year I am lazy, as I buy the rib pre-marinated, ready to be placed in the oven.

The best way is to long roast the ribs, 8 hours on 100-120C (210-250F) and increasing the temperature at the end of the roasting. This is an easy and very safe way to prepare the meat, as you may leave it and go to work and no supervision is needed.

My master plan for Friday is to bake potatoes, Brussels sprouts, Christmas sausage and meatballs under the dripping fat. Additional side dish is surkål or rødkål, traditional style pickled (red) cabbage and rich brown gravy - yum!!

Duck for the Tante Pose evening

Tante Pose is an old Norwegian film classic from the year 1940. For most of us 30-40 something it is forever connected to our best Christmas memories.

To celebrate our past, I have invited three chums to tuck into a duck this Saturday, before we sit down to enjoy our favourite memories from our childhood.

I will prepare a stuffing made with apples, onion, bacon bread and sage - absolutely perfect with poultry. After seasoning the stuffed duck, I allow it to long roast until mouthwateringly tender and moist.

As pork and duck have much the same flavour, I use rødkål, gravy and boiled potatoes, as served to the pork rib the day before.

Wanna know how to prepare duck "tante Pose" style?

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