Saturday, December 05, 2009

Surf'n Turf - Omaha steak tips and spicy prawns

Omaha steak tips and spicy prawns was the menu during my first visit to Scituate this year. Great Surf ‘n Turf if you ask me.

My cousin Erica had filled up her fridge for my visit, and as she knows my love for tender high quality beef and seafood, she had real treats in store for me. Pre marinated Omaha Steak tips and large prawns is great food for hungry travelers.

Turf - Omaha Steak Tips

Omaha Steak is an Omaha, Nebraska based food brand selling high quality frozen beef, as well as seafood and poultry throughout the US.

You can see the wide range of products offered by the Omaha Steaks company of their official website

These products are, according to Erica, top shelf when it comes to quality, as I was to discover when she placed these steak tips on the sizzling hot grill.

The Omaha Steak tips were prime beef, exceptionally tender and with a delicious sweet and smoky flavor. So unlike much of the other stuff you put on the grill during the summer season, turning either extremely dry or tough, or both.

The trick here is not to overcook good meat. Products as Omaha Steak tips should be served medium. i.e. red to pink in the middle to preserve them moist and tender. Erica did a great job, she served boiled sweet corn with butter on the side. YUM!

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Surf – Spicy prawns!

Another favourite food group is seafood. Erica had bought a bag of large prawns and asked me to prepare them.

Large prawns are often lower in taste than the smaller ones, and you may therefore use more seasoning when preparing them. One of my favourites is to prepare them in a creamy mustard and green pepper sauce.

In Scituate I decided to try a spicy sauce made from garlic, white wine, hot’n sweet chili sauce, fish stock and dill weed.

A sauce like this worked perfect as it balanced acidity, sweet and salt well, and the chili gave additional heat to the flavours.

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