Saturday, December 12, 2009

Remember La Zorza in Riomaggiore?

In August I helped my friends Laila and Gerd to book a trip to the scenic Cinque Terre area. I found a small hotel in the historic town of Riomaggiore. That was a great choice.

They wanted to have a dream vacation along this rugged coastline in October, and I found flight and accommodation at La Zorza, a small family run hotel for 1248 EUR per person. They traveled out of season, and were the only guests staying at this hotel. In spite of this they enjoyed good weather and pleasant temperatures throughout their vacation, and they were very happy with my choice of hotel.

They were delayed when traveling to Riomaggiore, and missed their train in Genoa. They sent me an SMS and asked me to notify the hotel that they would arrive around midnight. This as the reception closed around 8 PM.

After contacting, I found the phone number, and when I had notified, they gave me a phone number for them to call. Then they would get access to their room and get their keys.

Gerd and Laila got the only room with a balcony facing the street below. The room was small, but very charming, and they wanted me to tell you that La Zorza is definitely a low price alternative to consider if traveling to scenic Cinque Terre.

See hotel website here

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(Photo: Hotel website)

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