Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Norwegian Air Shuttle to open 20 new long-haul flights

(Source: Aftenposten, December 8th 2009) Norwegian Air Shuttle has announced its plans to open non-stop flights from Oslo to Bangkok and New York 2010 or 2011. Its overseas ambition does, however, not end there. It plans 20 new long-haul flights from Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm to different regions of the world the coming 5 years.

Norwegian will not only compete on destinations serviced by SAS, but also launch flights to cities with no current direct connections.

The CEO of the company, Bjørn Kjos, says that it considers non-stop flights to cities as Beijing, Shanghai, New Delhi, and Miami.

The flights will be operated by a separate company, and will lease larger airplanes for these flights than those the air carrier use today.

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