Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ma Cuisine - Göteborg

Back in March, we went looked for a great old-fashioned café I had visited earlier. To my disappointment, it had been replaced by a French style bistro. Ma Cuisine did not have any of that traditional coziness of its predecessor. Still we decided to enjoy a French style lunch.

Location: BBBB+

Ma Cuisine is located at Kyrkogatan 32, an ordinary street in the historic centre of the city, near Göteborg cathedral and the shopping district. Reasonably easy to get to by foot.

Interior & Atmosphere: BBBB

The interior of the old, charming coffee shop had been kept intact, and was pretty much in style with the new French bistro. Cream, gold and white colour scheme with highly ornamental details.

Seating was not very comfortable though. Chairs were OK, but we were seated so close to the tables behind and besides us, that I could hardly move.

Service: BBBB+

Service was OK. We could order promptly, and we were given our food without delay. Waiters were, however, greatly stressed by all, guests and provided no personalized service.

Food: BBBB-

Susanne ordered Mediterranean style fish bisque (top), served with rustic bread. It was very aromatic with the traditional ingredients, as tomatoes, fish stock, herbs and garlic.

I ordered a quiche lorraine, French cheese and bacon pie. Decent sized portion, served on a bed of lettuce sprinkled with balsamic vinegar.

Creamy consistency, crust a little soggy, but it had a pleasant taste.

Wine: N/A

Rating the Ma Cuisine experience: BBBB (4,11 points)

An overall good French bistrowith a charming traditional interior in downtown Göteborg. Overcrowded when we visited it, affecting the service. Too many tables made it very uncomfortable.


Ma Cuisine
Kyrkogatan 32
41115 Göteborg, Sweden
031-711 77 11
Official website (Swedish)

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