Monday, December 14, 2009

Long roast duck

When long roasting a 2,5 kilo duck, do remember to take your time. I discovered that 5 hours was not enough.

When roasting poultry, do remember to cook it well. Whereas lamb and beef may be served raw or medium pink, undercooked poultry may be a source of food born illnesses. When long roasting chicken, geese or ducks, do remember to use enough time. Be not afraid to overcook, as this way of preparing will ensure a brilliant result - always!

I bought a 2,4 kilo (5,2 lb) duck, seasoned it with Grill Mates® Montreal Chicken Seasoning (my favourite - but use salt, pepper and other seasoning you like) , and filled the cavity with my favorite stuffing.

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I placed the seasoned duck in the middle of the oven on a low temperature (100C / 215F) at 1 PM and allowed it to roast for 5 hours, turning up the temperature to 200C /400F for the last 15-20 minutes. Then I allowed it to rest.

To my amazement, I discovered that the breast was still pink, but not red enough not to be eaten. When cutting into the thighs it was still bloody.

We decided to eat the breast fillets, as you may serve duck breast pink. It was very succulent and tender, and the small amount of meat per person was no problem in a meal with soup, duck and cake everyone left content.

I will still recommend this way of preparing meat, but use at least 7-8 hours baking time for a duck of this size.

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Lasse Lasse liten said...

I've done turkey and chicken, but after hours on end trying to find a low temp long roasting, I finally found your entry!!!
Thank you! Just needed some other brave soul to tell me they've tried it!
Low and long roasted duck usually ends up being cooked at minimum 16oC up to 225C!!!
Thank you!