Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Jørgen Hanssøns wall ( built 1516-1523)

From 1516 to 1523 Jørgen Hanssøn ruled over the Bergenhus fortress and castle. He did some important new constructions, easily seen in today's compound.

Jørgen Hanssøn was høvedsmann, i.e. the Kings commander. He supported Christian II, the last Roman Catholic regent of Denmark and Norway (below), and followed him into exile in the Netherlands in 1523. He also plotted to get the king back on the throne 1531-1532.

Jørgen Hanssøn died in the Netherlands after 1546.

During his 6 years he extended the wall, making the compound larger. These walls are easily spotted today, and is marked with a small plaque. He also made other fortifications. These are no longer visible, as they were built into the impressive Rosenkrantz Keep.

His walls are built out of solid stone, and is located on the back of the fortress, towards the steep hills.

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