Friday, December 18, 2009

Chocolate delicacies

Are you a choco-holic? If you really want to indulge in chocolate, why not travel to Strasbourg? I was captivated by all the delicious pastries on display in the many bakeries in the city centre - like this one!

I remember my first time in France as I discovered French pâtisserie. Small tartes with fresh custard, fruit and jelly, cream cakes with different toppings, and cakes made from dark cream chocolate.

And not to forget the real, rich, creamy seduction of home-made chocolate mousse, as enjoyed in a bakery close to Gros-Horloge in the Northern French city of Rouen.

Chocolate and nuts was the main theme in one of a display of a bakery in Strasbourg, and I just had to take a snap shot of all the tempting biscuits, tartes and cakes under offer.

These displays are not much seen in Norway, as less attention is given to the fact that food should not only taste good, but look mouthwatering and delicious as well. This to start the digestive system and fire up all unhealthy, wonderful urges.

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