Sunday, December 13, 2009

Better air travel - have your say!

I have my own system to evaluate the air carriers I use. My flights are, however, relatively few. If you really want to find a foundation for wider airline assessment, you would need bigger numbers. Try Air Valid! Here you may read what people have to say about the airline you consider flying with, and if you are a happy or discontent passenger, you can have your say as well!

Air Valid is an informative site with a huge amount of information on air travel and services. You'll get information on airlines through a large directory, a list of blacklisted airlines, crash and incidents on chronologically and airline security links.

You may also give your contribution. Through the views and opinion section, you may compare airlines, submit your experience and view previous experiences of passengers that have traveled with a large number of airlines.

So explore an interesting site, and share your knowledge in order for other people to choose , not only by price, but also the best airlines based on user experiences.

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Photo: Interior of Qatar Airways aircraft, by Chaerani

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Hans T Ø said...

I should have taken a photo myself also, as I actually took Qatar Airways to Doha today. We had in-seat screens, so it was a bit different model than the one displayed here.