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Beaches of Northern New England

Much of the coastline in New Hampshire and Massachusetts is made up by beautiful white beaches. Public access to many beaches may, however, by restricted. One reason is that they are private property, and if there is direct access, parking your car may pose a challenge. There are exceptions, however. Here are three beautiful beaches to enjoy.

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

Hampton Beach is located south on the short coastline of New Hampshire. This is a busy resort during the summer season, and you can rent a house or a condominium , or travel up for the day.

The beach is not very long, but much wider than most other found on the coastline. It is made up by beautiful fine white sand. The drawback is that you may have to share it with many other guests to this summer resort.

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Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts

Salisbury beach and Seabrook Beach runs along the shoreline of a barrier island shared by New Hampshire and Massachusetts. This is a beautiful and easily accessible beach for the public, and there are good parking available.

Seabrook has a few restaurants and one convenient store. Eastman's Docks is a great place to dine and go for a drink during summer time. On the other end of the island you find Salisbury Beach Resort with more bars, restaurants and shops. This was just a few years ago a resort way behind its prime. Lately, however, Salisbury Beach has undergone large renovations with construction of new block of flats. The old entertainment park has been torn down. What looks like a Roman temple is the local strip joint, so all sleeze is not gone.

Even though the coastline is full of holiday homes, you may walk directly to the beach via walkways cutting through the grass covered sand dunes. Be aware that there are restrictions on what to do on the beach followed by heavy fines.

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Nantasket Beach, Massachusetts

Nantasket Beach is located in Hull, a small holiday resort south of Boston. This is a nice place to travel to, if being in New England during summer. Nantasket Beach is a wide and long beach, with fine sand.

Nantasket Beach is an ideal spot for for a day trip for families wioh kids. Here you have easy access to parking and a wide range of restaurants and shops, if you get tired of basking in the sun.

Some do's and don'ts when looking for a US beach
  1. Check whether a beach is public before entering.
    Whereas Scandinavians and many Europeans are used to public access to the coastline, the situation in the US is very different. Much of the coastline is privately owned and some owners may deal with trespassers harshly. Other beaches may only be available to inhabitants of a community. You are therefore well advised not to enter any beach if it is not clearly marked as public.

  2. Check, and live by the rules set by each beach.
    Many public beaches have clear conditions to those that use it. This may be connected to littering, tents, pets, open fires, alcohol, etc. Even though these rules often are not rigorously upheld, live by them. If caught, you risk a heavy fine, often for each individual offense.

  3. Observe rules of decency.
    In many European resorts it is not necessarily regarded indecent for a woman to be topless on a beach. Many American resorts uphold stricter rules on decency. Observe the code on your beach and act accordingly.

  4. Check whether parking is permitted.
    On beaches connected to larger resorts as Hampton and Hull, you will find good access to parking. On smaller public beaches, you will often have to look for parking in nearby streets. Check with the locals where you may place your car, and observe the rights of private property.

  5. Be aware of petty crime.
    Some beach town resorts attract large number of people during summer, and some may not have honorable intentions. Do not leave valuables unattended when going for a swim. Likewise, do not leave valuables visible in your car if you want to avoid criminals.

Location of Hampton Beach and Salisbury Beach

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Location of Nantasket Beach

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