Saturday, November 14, 2009

Warning - culinary experience imminent!

My good friend, Enjoy Food & Travel co-writer and food guru Dagfinn Skoglund celebrates his 5oth anniversary this fall. He has invited to a series of dinner parties, and I will attend today, Saturday November 14th 2009. He makes scrumptious food, and he sent us (the guests) a mouthwatering menu to prepare us for the imminent culinary experience. Here is what we have to prepare for!!

Entrée: Bouillabaisse

The famous fish soup originating from Marseilles is made from good stock and with a wide range of fish, mussels, and crayfish, lobsters, or shrimps. It is flavoured with herbs and garlic and delicately dyed intensely yellow with saffron.

I enjoyed bouillabaisse in Marseilles, its culinary cradle, and found that they released small crackers with rouille, a strongly flavoured sauce based on oil, breadcrumbs, garlic, saffron and chili pepper, as small dinghies into the sauce.

I think I have a glass of rouille somewhere. I promised to bring it, so we can have a little maritime fun during the soup. We'll see whether I can find it.

Eating bouillabaisse at La Daurade, Marseilles - see story here

Piéce de résistance: Poussins and Chorizo boiled in wine. Home mash with herbs and Parmesan

I love food immersed in wine on top of the stove. A poussin is a dinky little chicken, only allowed to live 28 days or so, before it is released into never-neverland with one, brutal chop. I say - off with his head, as due to its unfulfilled life, it is a small, succulent, and sinful experience, enough to seriously challenge your conscience.

I really feel like a criminal, when tucking into a poussin or a suckling pig, but after the first bite, I think - to hell with it, let's enjoy the crime. Eat your heart out, Agatha Christie, have a ball!!

Dagfinn's potato mash is not remotely close to anything out of a packet. Real potatoes, chunky, and always exquisitely seasoned, and my remark is - put a little Parmesan into your mash, it certainly adds more taste.

More dinky birds - See how to make stuffed quails with wild rice and warm figs

Dessert: Creme Caramel, or Karamellpudding, if you will

Homemade creme caramel is comfort food like your ancestors loved it. Many a forty-, or fifty-something Norwegian man/boy gets tears in his eyes by the memories of mums karamellpudding.

As any good comfort food it is wickedly unhealthy, with all those ingredients nutritious super nannies are warning us pose a grave hazard to our health as double cream, eggs, and a lot of sugar.

I am certainly ready for a stroll along amnesia lane, and tuck into a serious mummy-memory.

(Photo: Basel15)

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