Sunday, November 29, 2009

Uncomfortable with Brussel Airlines

We traveled with Brussels Airlines from Brussels to Oslo November 22nd. We traveled on board an Avro RJ85 flight with approximately 100 seats. Here is a short review of the flight.

Check-in: BBBBB

Checked in 7.30 PM, 3o minutes before scheduled take-off. On schedule.

Take of: BBBBB

Take off 8 PM, on schedule.

Hospitality: BBBB

Kind and helpful staff. Fluent English, Dutch and French spoken.

Service: BBB+

We waited a surprisingly long time before staff starting serving, considering this was a 1 hour and 40 minute flight.

Complementary food or beverages: n/a

No complementary food or drink available on Brussels light class. Spirits, wine, beer, soft drinks, coffee, tea, and food to be purchased at reasonable prices.

Leg room and comfort: B

Seated at seat 16A and 16B, at the rear end of the flight. Extremely uncomfortable. Seats were very narrow, and absolutely no leg room in front. Very difficult to get out or into seats. Avoid choosing these seats when traveling on an Avro RJ 85 plane. Brussels Airlines are recommended to remove one row of seats to increase legspace in the rear of the cabin of these airplanes.

Flying time: BBBBB

Flying time 1 hour 40 minutes, slightly shorter than scheduled travel time.

Arrival: BBBBB

Arrival 9.40 PM, a little before schedule.

Check out: BBBBB

Smooth disembarking from this relatively small airplane.

Duty free goods: n/a

We were not offered any duty free goods on board this flight.

Price: BBBB

I paid NOK 770,- including tax, a good price for a one-way ticket to Brussels, where average price for a round trip ticket is around NOK 2000 (235 EUR).

Rating the Brussels Airlines experience: BBBB- (3,68 points)

Reasonably priced ticket, good punctuality, but we were seated like potted shrimps. This is the most unpleasant flight since my South African Airways experience in 2007.

(Photo: Brussels Airlines Avro RJ85 landing at Birmingham Intl. Airport, UK by Arpingstone)

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