Sunday, November 15, 2009

Through four centuries at Tant Bruns kaffehus

Sigtuna is a quiet, quaint town an hour away from Stockholm. This hamlet is, however, another world compared to the busy suburban life. This is felt clearly when you enter the backyard of Tant Bruns Kaffehus, located in the oldest building in the town center.

This small café is named after a character created by Elsa Beskow, the famous author and illustrator of children's books. Tant Grön, tant Brun och tant Gredelin were three spinsters, taking care of their nephew Petter, niece Lisa and Prick, the pudel (meaning dot, in English, omit any other indecent meaning to the word).

They all lived in a small town, like Sigtuna. Many Scandinavian kids, me included, grew up to the TV series depicting the life of these two children.

Tant Bruns kaffehus, is a small little café, located in a small side street. When you enter, you can see the old age of these buildings. They are built around 1600 and there is hardly no right angle, and the whole construction is made from massive timber.

I was not hungry, rather peckish, and found that you could choose cakes or open sandwiches from the little menu. I ordered one of their prawn sandwiches and a bottle of Ramlösa, Swedish sparkling water.

Then I looked around. I was not alone in this backyard. There were a group of youngsters speaking English, as one or more of them were either American or English. The whole yard was enclosed by several, beautiful, very rustic buildings, and trees and bushes, provided additional shade for us guests.

The sandwich looked impressive enough, but I found, as in many other Swedish prawn sandwiches, that the heap of prawns rested on sliced, hard boiled eggs. Not as in Denmark, where they really offer a large amount of the delicious stuff.

At SEK 80 or a little under 9 EUR, it was hardly a rip-off. The prawns were nice and fresh, and served on a slice of rustic bread, so there were no need to complain. I left, completely satisfied, and with fond memories from the world of Elsa Beskow and her characters.

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