Monday, November 23, 2009

A tale of a cat

(November 19th 2009) This is a short tale of a city cat! When visiting Le Cirio, a Brussels tavern, you will find it well guarded by this feline specimen. I wonder what my previous employer, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, would have done, if they had found a cat in an Oslo restaurant?

I do not know whether it is the same cat, or a son, daughter, nephew or a niece of the one I met frequently when I stayed there in 1999. Whatever, it is good to know that a cat still lurks around in the old interior.

This picture was sent by my friend Ketil, the day before I will meet him in Brussels, Friday November 20th. He has, as I, taken a fancy to this mascot. Cats are, in my mind, mysterious and calming creatures, with a pretty good ability to enjoy life. The cat at Le Cirio, does not mind the guests nearly as much as the attention it gets from the guests.

I certainly look forward to meet an old friend again, as I take my first refreshing sip of Leffe Blonde in the old interior at Cirio. More will definitely come on the subject.

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