Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ryanair: Toilet fee still an option

I have a few stories on Ryanair's latest whims here on Enjoy Food & Travel. In a story on June I reported on of the more inventive fees from its CEO Michael O'Leary. His idea was to remove aircraft bathrooms to squeeze in more passengers and charge money for visits to the remaining (fewer) toilets. What a bad idea!

Since we have not heard more of this idea, most of us have thought, that it had been rejected as too extreme to be deemed acceptable. For Ryanair, however, it is still an option, according to Danish website take-off.

O'Leary told press during a briefing in Stockholm November 22nd, that the airlines needs to think differently in order to survive the harsh competition in the airline industry, and said once again that charging passengers a toilet fee is still considered by the management.

What will be next? I do not know! But there will most certainly be more surprising fees introduced by Ryanair in the years to come.

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Lavatory on Tiger Airways by Kcdtsg)

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