Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ryanair makes Rygge its Norwegian base

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Ryanair has announced on a press briefing November 24th that its first Norwegian base will be at Rygge Airport. With it comes 16 new destinations in Europe from March 2010. The CEO of the airport, Pål F. Tandberg, received the news with joy, saying that this new status will mean much for the airport and passengers and local businesses.

Ryanair currently operates 6 services from Rygge to Bergamo (IT), Bremen(DE), Charleroi (BE), Girona(ES), London Stanstead(GB), and Madrid (ES).

The new status will mean that 3 aircraft will use Rygge as base and with it comes 16 new destinations from March 2010.

These airports are:
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