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Odd Fellow Palace anno 1755

"Da den nye Bydel rejste sig paa Kongens Bud opførte C. A. Greve af Berckentin paa sammes opfordring dette Værk for sig og Efterkommere 1753." This is the inscription on the small plaque outside the Odd Fellow Palace in Copenhagen

Close to Nyhavn and Kongens Nytorv you find a few monumental buildings that were constructed when Fredriksstaden, a new part of the city was developed during the reign of the Danish kings in the 17th and 18th century. One of these buildings is the palace that Viscount C. A. af Berckentin built for him and his descendants in 1755.

The Viscount af Berckentin (1694 - 1758) was a German born diplomat and Geheimråd i.e. royal advisor. He also served the Danish king as diplomat at the Austrian Court in Vienna.

He married a German noblewoman Susanne Margaretha von Boineburg zu Honstein and they had one daughter, that married Christian Sigfred von Plessen.

At the end of his life, he asked the famous Danish rococo architect Johann Gottfried Rosenberg to design a large palace. The work started in 1751 and it was finished in 1755.

It was taken over by his daughter. Christian Sigfred von Plessen and Louise von Plessen had no children, leaving the viscount with no heir. She moved to Germany and died in Celle in 1799, 74 years old.

It is a remarkable building easily mistaken as a wing of the nearby Amalienborg Palace, the royal residence, that dates from the same period.

It was in private hands until 1900 when the Danish wing of the Odd Fellow Order took over, and they still conduct their meetings in the grand residence. In 1993 a large fire damaged the building seriously, but the Odd Fellow Palace has since then been restored back to its former glory.

Close to the Odd Fellow Palace you'll find:
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