Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Capris - a great Italian deli

As I wondered around at Saluhallen in Göteborg a cold day in March, I ended up by Capris a great Italian deli. It reminded us that there are countries to escape to, during cold Scandinavian winters, countries by the warm sunny Mediterranean sea. We ended up taking a little of the warm Mediterranean culture home with us. Salami with black truffles, and the most exquisite Parma ham. Here are a few other delicacies you can buy, if you visit Capris.

Pasta in all shapes and flavours

Seeing such a range of pastas under offer, I feel Norway is very far away from Europe, whereas Sweden is definitely closer, as a working member of the European Union.

I will guarantee you'll never find anything like this in Oslo. At Capris you can choose from tortellini and ravioli with different filling as ricotta and spinach, or Gorgonzola. Another intriguing filling was a paste made from porcini, walnuts, pistachio nuts, pecorino and Parmesan cheese.

You would have to pay around SEK 18 (€1,75) per 100 grams. Not bad for such a range of quality foods.

How to make your own ravioli - see how to do it here

Parma rolls!!

Parma, located in the Po river valley is widely renowned for its high quality ham. You may enjoy it just as it is, in a salad or made into delicious appetizers.

And what could be better than these Parma rolls, where the delicious ham are folded around creamy rich mozzarella, and sun dried tomatoes, and allowed to infuse in olive oil.

These appetizers can be taken home at SEK 25 / €2,70 each. It would be perfect for an evening where you could combine them with other antipasti, and at Capris there were certainly much more to choose from.

Markus Molitor Riesling Trocken 2007 is a perfect wine to Parma ham - see story here

Assorted antipasti

As these containers with other high quality products.

In the foreground there are three different varieties of marinated artichoke hearts. The core of these large flower buds are considered a delicacy, and is often served in naturel or filled with cheese. They can also be used on a hot pizza.

In the background you see parma rolls, baby mozzarella and home made pesto.

The art of enjoying an artichoke - see story here

Salami Cacciatore

The Italians make delicious salamis. This, is finely ground, and according to its name prepared "hunter style".

At Capris you find a large selection of different salamis. If you are not buying a whole sausage but a smaller quantity, do ask them to slice it for your you.

Finely sliced cured meats are perfect for your sandwich, in a salad or as a part of a plate of different cold cuts. Beware, though, that sliced cured meats have a shorter shelf life, than a whole sausage. It must be consumed within a short period, preferably 1-2 weeks.

A country lunch with Italian coppa, pancetta, and ham - see story here


Capris Italienska Delikatesser is located at Stora Saluhallen in Göteborg, Sweden.

Capris Italienska Delikatesser
Stora Saluhallen 65-69,
SE-411 17 Göteborg
Phone / fax: +46 031-13 83 33
Website: www.capris.se

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