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Hotel Luna - birthplace of A Doll's House

Henrik Ibsen, the famous Norwegian playwright, loved the Amalfi coast. He wrote his famous play "Ghost" while staying at the Imperial Tramontano hotel in Sorrento. Another famous play was created on a hotel further down the coast.

As my friends John and Øystein passed the Hotel Luna Convento in Amalfi, they spotted these memorial plaques. The hotel used to be an old monastery dating back to around 1200, and is located on a cliff overlooking the crystal clear Mediterranean waters.

Henrik Ibsen - a man before his time

The plaque tells that in 1879, Henrik Ibsen wrote "Casa di Bambola" - or a doll's house, while being a guest at Hotel Luna Convento.

A doll's house tells the tragic story of Torvald and Nora Helmer, and how their apparent love for each other breaks down as lies and deception are exposed. As a result of this, Nora breaks out of their marriage, leaving Torvald and their children to fend for themselves.

A doll's house challenged marriage as an institution, and caused a public outcry. The reaction was so strong that it forced Ibsen to write an alternate ending, where Nora is led to her children after having argued with Torvald. Seeing them, she collapses, and the curtain is brought down. Ibsen later called this a disgrace to the original play and referred to it as a 'barbaric outrage'

The plaque also tells that Ibsen the story of the scene where Torvald made Nora into a fisher's maid and dance a tarantella, a local dance inspired by his stay at the Amalfi coast.

Another plaque reveals that one year later Richard Wagner wrote second act of Parsifal. The Hotel Lina Convento may boast of having hosted a long list of celebrities as Humphrey Bogart, Roberto Rossellini, Ingrid Bergman, Otto von Bismarck and Samuel Morse.

Hotel Luna Convento - rates

The Amalfi coast is an expensive high-class destination. Traveling during low season, though, you may get accommodation at much lower prices, and you may enjoy an extra bonus in the form of less tourists and more pleasant temperatures than during summer.

Traveling to the Amalfi coast during low season? See story here!

If you consider staying at Hotel Luna Convento, you will find that this is an exclusive alternative you have to pay a large sum of money for, both during high and low season. Money better spent at other, more affordable hotels.

But Hotels like the Luna, is still a place of the special occcasion. As when my friend Ketil and his wife spent their 50th anniversary at Hotel Imperial Tramontano in Sorrento. These hotels are venues for the perfect honeymoon or a romantic once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

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Here are the present rates for different rooms during low season (January 3rd - April 30th and from October 1st - December 27th) and high season May 1st - September 30th and December 28th - January 2nd)
  • Standard room: Low season:€ 190,00, Peak season: € 250,00
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  • Superior room: Low season:€ 240,00, Peak season: € 300,00
  • Deluxe room: Low season:€ 280,00, Peak season: € 340,00
  • Junior Suite: Low season: € 380,00, Peak season€ 440,00
  • Suite: Low season:€ 530,00, Peak season:€ 590,00
  • SPECIAL Suite: Low season:€ 590,00, Peak season: € 650,00
  • Suites LUNA & TORRE: Low season: € 780,00, Peak season: € 840,00
See images of rooms at Hotel Luna Convento here

You can book your romatic vacation at Hotel Luna Convento here

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