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Enjoy Food & Travel 2008-2009

Enjoy Food & Travel has been running since August 2006, and after a slow first year, I am happy to see that more and more of you return to read my assorted mix of travel and food stories. After I changed to Google Analytics November 5th 2008, I have seen that the number of visits have increased from a humble 7000-8000 in 2007 to close to 50 000 the last 12 months .

Enjoy Food & Travel started as my personal culinary and travel diary, but has evolved into much, much more. At present I and my friends have published more than 1340 stories, from all over the world.

Here are a few data on the visits to the site.

Visits and visitors are going up and up

October 2006 was the first month I monitored the traffic om the site. At that point I had published 40 stories, and I had an average of 9 unique visitors every day. October the following years unique visitors rose to 67 (2007), 106 (2008), 123 (2009) per day. The peak monthwas February 2009 when I had an average 305 daily visitors, due to an inexplicable storm of very short visitors from Austin TX, and Rahway NJ.

Page views have increased similarly, even though the number of pages visited have decreased somewhat as traffic has increased. First month each visitor read three pages. November 2009 you only read 1,5 page.

Here are the basic data on visits November 2008- 2009. Enjoy Food & Travel had:
  • 47424 visits (129,9 per day)
  • 41602 visitors (113,9 per day)
  • 66104 page views (181,1 per day)
RSS and subscription

I started to register RSS feeds April 2008 and since then the number reading feeds have increased from 27 to 48 per day, meaning an additional 1488 visitors in October 2009. This means that the total number of visitors exceeds 5300 for October. 23 of you have even chosen to get daily news to your e-mail address.

Enjoy Food & Travel all over the world.

I am proud to say that we are going worldwide. Last year I had visitors from 164 countries or territories in all corners of the world.

65% comes from either number one on the list, the United States or number 2, Norway my native country. The following top ten countries are all European countries except number four - Canada.

In spite of the strong traffic from Europe and North America, I am very pleased to see that I have had visitors from, for me, unlikely places as Ulanbataar in Mongolia, Rangoon, Burma, and Nuuk in Greenland.

I know that there are readers in Tehran (image), Chennai, India, and Pretoria, South Africa that follow me regularly. I am deeply honoured.

Visitor on Enjoy Food & Travel are coming from all continents, including:
  • All US States and Canada
  • All countries in South and Latin America except Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, and Nicaragua
  • All countries in Europe except Liechtenstein and Serbia
  • All countries in Asia except Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Laos, Cambodia, Papua North Guinea and North Korea
  • All countries in Northern and Southern Africa, fewer in eastern and western Africa
Here are the 10 countries with most visitors 2008-2009.
  1. USA (18359)
  2. Norway (7595)
  3. United Kingdom (3854)
  4. Canada (1464)
  5. Sweden (1383)
  6. Germany (1343)
  7. Denmark (1102)
  8. Spain (949)
  9. France (945)
  10. Netherlands (768)
If you break the figures down to cities there have been visits from 5617 cities worldwide. Number 2 and 3 on the list came after the sudden storm of visits in February 2009.

I am very proud to see that my hometown, Oslo, is number one on the list, and I have wonderful memories from all the other cities on the list from number 4 and down.

London - the taste of a great red wine in the cellar of Rudyard Kipling's house. New York - the nightly view from Empire State building. Barcelona - pintxos at Bilbao Berria. San Francisco - waking up in a Castro Street flat to the smell of freshly ground coffee from the café below.

I am privileged to have seen so much, and I hope to see much, much more.

Here are the top ten of cities.
  1. Oslo (NO): 4833
  2. Rahway (US): 3900
  3. Austin (US): 3529
  4. London (UK): 1721
  5. New York (US): 733
  6. Bergen (NO): 600
  7. Copenhagen (DK): 501
  8. Barcelona (ES): 402
  9. Paris (FR): 305
  10. San Francisco (US): 302
Enjoy Food & Travel - what now?

Enjoy Food & Travel has turned into something bigger and much more, that I expected, when starting to write. The size of the site has meant that I may have stretched blogger that host my site, to a certain limit. I have recently found that the search on top of the page, does not find stories I know I have published.

Even though placing another search for you to use, I have found that it does not find all I know is on the site. I am currently considering what to do in the near and more distant future.

I cover a wide range of stories, from my own culinary adventures to historic sights, and travel information. With all my visitors, I hope I may use the site to get in touch with my readers, and even publish your stories. This may include what you prepare for dinner, your favourite restaurant, and sights where you live? I would love to know your story.

The easiest way is to send a mail to, and do enclose some pictures.

I would like to thank you all that drop by, and I hope you'll stay tuned for new travel and food stories the coming year.

(Photo Tehran: Apcbg)

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