Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A delicious dinner

I have shared the menu for last Saturday's anniversary dinner cooked by my friend Dagfinn Skoglund. I can say that it was a culinary feast, as always. Here is a short account of the food.


Doesn't it look great? A soup intensely coloured by saffron, and flavoured with the essences of fish and prawns bought at his neighbouring Asian deli. A feast for the eye, as well as the pallet.

I am happy to say that this soup was better than the one ordered in Marseilles. Delicately balanced, with sufficient sweetness, as well as salt. Fish and prawns perfectly prepared, tender, not overcooked.

Dagfinn had prepared the soup according to the instructions in his Larousse Gastronomique, his (and everyone's) food Bible. Recommended for your library!

When serving it, he placed thinly sliced bread to soak up some of the liquid, and I brought Rouille Provencale, spread on crackers and released onto the soup.

Poussins and Chorizo boiled in wine. Home mash with herbs and Parmesan cheese.

The Poussins, the innocent dinky little chicken were only allowed a short 28-day-glimpse of this world, before somebody chopped their heads off, froze them down and put them out for sale. I am extremely happy that they did.

What could go wrong with such an ingredient? A lot could, but not if somebody like Dagfinn deals with them.

The poussins and spicy Spanish sausages were sunk into a cauldron filled with wine, stock, vegetables and skilfully turned into culinary wizardry. As culinary sorcerers go, it is hard to beat the magic performed by Dagfinn.

Many aromas filled our mouths and the poussins were tender to the degree that the succulent meat just fell of the bone. Both the poussins and the home mash were so good, that I helped myseld to a second serving. I suffered indigestion through the night due to over eating.

Creme Caramel, or Karamellpudding, if you will

Then to the creme caramel, another dish carefully prepared according to instructions from the Holy Book of Cooking, Larousse Gastronomique. The title presented to us was completely different, but the dessert could be dedicated to all mothers great or small.

Delicious eggy-creamy pudding with vanilla. As the spoon tucked in and scooped out the creme caramel, the most delicious sweet runny brown caramel sauce created a little puddle, and you could pour the delicious sweet sauce over the pudding.

Served in hallucinatory coloured bowls it looked great and tasted even better. Another magic desert from Dagfinn's hand, as I am not normally fond of puddings I would gladly eat any puddinh created by Dagfinn.

And from all of us to you!!!

Happy 50th Anniversary from me, and I am sure that my fellow guests were as happy for a great dinner.

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