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Grand and impersonal - Conrad Brussels Hotel

The Conrad Hotels and Resorts are the flagship of the Hilton family, and are located around the world. Conrad Brussels Hotel is one of the city's most exclusive hotels, with rooms ranging in price from 700-7500 Euros per night. We were given a bargain over the net, paying a mere 200 Euros per night. It was grand, it was exclusive, but it was not nice. Having this experience in mind, you know that you do not miss out on anything when booking a more inexpensive hotel in the Belgian capital.

Area: BBBB

Conrad Brussels Hotel is located by Avenue Louise, in Ixelles, a wealthy part of the Belgian capital. This is a 20 minute walk from Grand Place and you can get to the city by subway number 2 and 6 from Louise / Louiza. You can also take tram line 94 right outside the hotel.

Avenue Louise and Place Louise are among the most elegant shopping districts in Brussels, with a wide range of designer shops and small restaurants and pubs nearby. We did, however, find the location of Conrad Brussels slightly impractical as public transportation does not run long after midnight, and we found that we had to walk to get home during late nights.

Service: BBBB

The staff at the reception provided good overall service, but seemed a little cold and distanced. I do not whether this cool attitude reflected the exclusive, but impersonal interior, but I did not find the hospitality or kindness I have experienced in other hotels.


We were allocated room 335, a classic room, facing a neighbouring street. The interior of the room reminded me of the rooms I have stayed in the US. We paid a mere 200 EUR, but full price was 600-700 EUR.

Both room and bathroom were huge, by far the biggest I have ever stayed in, with around 50 square meters / 500 square feet.

The bedroom had two, very good, queen sized beds, a comfortably sized desk, an arm chair with side table, and a TV cabinet. Plenty wardrobe space for two with bathrobe and slippers available.

Safety deposit box, easy to operate, for safe storage of your valuables.

Beautiful bathroom with shower cabinet, separate bathtub, toilet, and a large sink with plenty space for toiletries. All decorated in white china with golden (or brass) fixtures. White marble tiles and desk by sink in black marble.

Elegant classic dark green and gray colour scheme. All furniture in rococco / Louis-Seize style. Red bed spread with matching pillows. Grey wall to wall carpet.

All apparently well cleaned, but the drawback with carpet, as it makes the air slightly stuffy. Minor wear and tear on bathroom fixture where gold (or brass) had been worn off. You had to pay in order to access the free wireless network, a disgrace in a hotel charging so much per night.

Breakfast: N/A

We got a bargain, but I think even paying guests have to pay a whopping 30 EUR for breakfast buffet, and an extra 7 EUR to be served in your room. A breakfast this expensive is clearly a waste of money, and we decided to pay a few Euros in the neighbourhood.

Facilities: BBBB+

Conrad Brussels could offer guests:
  • Entertainment: Loui Restaurant, Café Wiltcher's, features a outdoor terrace with access to an internal courtyard. The Lobby Lounge ideal for snacks and afternoon tea.
  • Exercise: Swimming pool, spa and exercise room at Aspria Avenue Louise (Fee 25 EUR)
  • Well being: Good A/C system, WLAN (paid service), extra PC by reception
  • Maintenance and hygiene: Overall good, but carpets in corridors
Price: BB

Conrad Brussels has a wide range of rooms, from large suites to classic rooms. Rate for a classic room was around 700 EUR, which is a horrendous price, in a city where you easily can find decent accommodation for half the price.

We were given a special rate of 200 EUR per night per room, that is said to be a bargain. When returning after the weekend, I still did not have that feeling that it had been worth that price. Why?

With all its grandeur, Conrad Brussels did not make me feel welcome. It turned out to be an impersonal experience.

So would I stay there again? No I would not, and if I wanted another luxurious hotel experience in Brussels, I would certainly return to the classic elegance of Hotel Metropole.

Rating the Conrad Brussels Hotel experience: BBBB (3,83 points)

A grand hotel experience in Brussels. Large, and very impressive lobby area. Location in major shopping area, but located 20 minutes away from the historic heart of Europe. Very expensive rooms, and you will have to pay extra for breakfast, internet access and to get admission to exercise centre. At this price, you could so much more in other, and more personal hotels in the European capital.

Conrad Brussels Hotel
Avenue Louise 71,
10-50 Brussels
Phone: +32-2-5424242
Guest Fax: +32-2-5424200
Hotel website

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