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Cheap stay at Thon Hotell Bergen Brygge

If looking for budget as well as a bargain, Thon Hotell Bergen is definitely not the place for you. In spite of the low price and a great location, it had a more than a few cheap features. Pay a little extra and enjoy more comfort elsewhere.

Location: BBBBB-

Thon Hotel Bergen Brygge has a brilliant location, with Bergenhus Fortress as nearest neighbour and the historic Bryggen and Mariakirken (Church of St Mary) within a few minute walk away. It easily reached if you take the Airport express bus. Take it to the last stop at Radisson SAS Hotell Bryggen. Thon Hotel Bergen Brygge is located a few minutes walk away.

Service: BBB

Staff at the reception made a mixed impression. I was given a rather impersonal or uninterested greeting on arrival, and had to wait for a long time to check in. The staff present during day was slightly kinder. The service delivered in the breakfast room was in no way satisfactory. Dishes were either removed before you had finished, or was partly left on the tables when people had left.

Rom: BBBB-

Both room and bathroom were tiny. There were very little space for much more than a bed, a desk and a small chair. TV on an adjustable arm, with 5 channels. Little storage space, just one shelf and one rack with hangers.

Very little space in bathroom. Toilet squeezed in between sink and wall. Small shower on the floor with a outdated curtain.

Interior can be described as moderately designer style with neutral light brown and gray shades on walls and ceiling, gray carpet. Tiled bathroom with wooden trims and ceiling. One lipstick red wooden chair and one chrome chair with textile seat.

Good hygiene, very little dust on surfaces.

The room had moderate needs of maintenance. Yellow spots on walls, cracked tiles on bathroom, and bathroom ceiling slightly damaged by damp.

Bed was very good to sleep in and there were two small halogen lamps providing good light for reading.

No wireless access on the room. You had to pay a card valid for 4 hours from first access in the reception at the cost of 10 NOK (1,20 EUR). Offering a service at such a low price, the hotel should either consider including this extra (and often much needed service) in the price of the room, or (even better) be offered free to the guests.

Be aware that rooms at the 1st floor (I stayed in room 259), you are within the reach of the free wireless zone on the ground floor and may surf as much as you want. Choose the network Belkin54, instead of Telenor and just log on.

Breakfast (Not included NOK 69 / EUR 8,15): BBBBB

The breakfast was not included in the price, but was relatively cheap compared to many other hotels I have stayed in.

A good sized breakfast buffet, with hot and cold food to any taste. A large selection of all kind of breads. Hot food as; scrambled eggs, meatballs, cocktail sausages, no bacon! Cheese, cold cuts, mayonnaise based salads, patés, and herring. Health nuts could choose from cereals, yogurts, and fresh fruit.

Cold apple, orange juice and milk from dispensers. Tea, coffee, regular or espresso, cappuccino, from coffee machines easy to operate.

Facilities: BBB-

Thon Hotel Bergen Brygge is certainly not the hotel for those of you that expects in house facilities.
  • Entertainment: BBB
    You can may buy wine or beer in the restaurant. In house restaurant serving breakfast only.

  • Exercise: N/A (Meaning none)

  • Well being: BBBB-
    Cozy seating by a fire place by the reception. Extra PC by reception, well functioning wireless access in reception area, in rooms for an extra charge. Good ventilation in the rooms.

  • Hygiene and maintenance: BBB
    Good hygiene, but the hotel seems a little run down. The lifts were clearly not in good working order on arrival, as the receptionist had to restart them several times. I was locked in the lift in the 9th floor, but the lift started quickly after I had sounded the alarm.
Price: BBBB

The price of the hotel room was NOK 745 per night (88,6 EUR). Breakfast (NOK 69 / EUR 8,20) not included. Not a high price for a room. If you look around, however, I bet I could beat this price at a better hotel, and maybe get breakfast included in the price.

Rating the Thon Hotel Bergen Brygge experience: BBBB+ (3,57 points)

A budget hotel at the lower end of the scale, budget as in feeling a little cheap, as well as inexpensive. Great location. Good breakfast you have to pay extra for. Low in inhouse facilities.

Thon Hotel Bergen Brygge
Bradbenken 3
5003 Bergen
Tlf: +47 55 30 87 00
Faks: +47 55 32 94 14
Hotel website

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