Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cheap fare with Ryanair? Not without boarding pass

Oops! He did it again, the self proclaimed king of budget airfare, Michael O'Leary. For Ryanair's boss is the king of extra fees, as well. If you have forgotten one important thing you can say goodbye to that idea of a low price ticket, if you have remembered all the other things YOU have to do (and pay for) before leaving, that is.

Let's face it. To get that particular budget flight with Ryanair, we are all booking our own tickets on the net, squeeze our belongings into ONE small and underweight carry on piece of luggage, and are flown to airports far off the beaten track.

Soon we will be allowed to stand for nothing, and will have to pay to go to the bathroom. Now, he will raise the penalty for those of us that has forgotten to bring the boarding card (that we have printed ourselves) to the total sum of €100. What is the matter with us??

With you, rather. I do not fly Ryanair anymore, as I do not like to face any surprises, that may take large additional chunks of my travel budget, and Ryanair have a fair share of fees that may increase the price of the ticket if you do not watch out.

Here are a few points to look out for!
  • When booking online, make sure you write your name correctly, as changing it will cost €100-150.
  • When booking do remember to print boarding card and take them with you. Failing to do so, will cost you €40. To make travelers comply, Ryanair threatens to increase this fee to a whopping €100.
  • When traveling, do bring one piece of hand luggage weighing under 10 kilos and measuring 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. If you exceed any of these criteria, be prepared having to pay for check-in or overweight. Additional checked in luggage may cost you from 15-70 EUR.
  • Make sure that your duty free goods may be squeezed into your hand luggage, as Ryanair enforce a strict one piece of hand luggage only!
Have a nice trip with Ryanair!!

Wonder what other traps Ryanair has set out for you?

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