Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Restaurante La Lonja - Puerto de Mogán

The Canary Island is an excellent winter destination, but it is hard to find restaurants serving good food. At the picturesque Puerto de Mogán, we enjoyed one of our best meals while being on the island. Restaurant La Lonja had great food and a location to die for.

Location: BBBBB

Restaurant La Lonja is located in the centre of the beautiful Puerto de Mogán, an hour's journey west of Playa del Ingles. It is easy to get to this destination as there are good bus connections to nearby Puerto Rico, Arreguineguin, Playa Del Ingles and beyond.

The restaurant is located in a small house in the local style, by the small, beautiful harbour. It is difficult to find a more beautiful spot for a restaurant on these islands.

Service: BBBB+

Good service. You could choose your food from a menu translated to English and other major languages. You did not have to wait long to get your food.

Interior & Atmosphere: BBBB

We were seated outside. Restaurant La Lonja had a traditional interior. We were seated under fishermen's net, copper lanterns and other maritime objects.

We were comfortably seated around a small table set for two. There were many tables squeezed in on a small space. As the restaurant was packed with people we felt less comfortable during our meal.

Food: BBBBB-

The restaurant is specializing in local Canarian cuisine and seafood and can offer a wide variety of fish, shellfish, meat, salads, and paellas.

We ordered swordfish steaks, a delicate fish with a white, firm meat. I ordered my steak with asparagus sauce.

I was pleasantly surprised by the meal. The large slice of swordfish was served with a creamy sauce with whole white asparagus, oven baked potatoes AND rice and vegetables.

It was well presented on a wide white plate with room for all the ingredients.

The fish was well prepared, firm and not over cooked, potatoes , asparagus, and rice cooked to perfection. Other vegetables slightly over cooked. Perfect creamy sauce.

Very good balanced tastes throughout the whole dish. All was well seasoned food. The sword fish was probably one of the highlights of our visit to the Canary Islands, one out of very few highlights.

Drink: BBBB

We ordered a bottle of Vina Sol, very good for this dish, with its, fresh, fruity aromas. Smooth, rich and crisp on the palate, with plenty an abundance of apple and pineapple aromas and a touch of fennel.

Rating La Lonja experience: BBBB+ (4,39 points)

One of the best meal during our week on the Canary Island. Great location, but the terrace was overcrowded.

Great, tasty seafood meal accompanied by delicious cold white wine.

Restaurante La Lonja
Playa de Mogán
ES- 35139 Puerto de Mogán
Phone: 928 56 54 76
Web presentation with images here

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