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Few non-stop flights to Santa Claus

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Santa Claus is said to live close to the North Pole, but no exact location has been given. Rovaniemi in Finland has managed to attract most of those looking for the generous Father Christmas, but if you want to find Santa in Norway, you can start your quest in Tromsø, Paris of the north.

Tromsø is the largest city in the northern part of Norway, and is, with its 65 000 inhabitants the major commercial and administrative centre in northern Norway, and a vibrant university city, housing one of the major national campuses.

Northern Norway has, in my opinion, not fully discovered and accepted its potential as a major tourist destination, and have sadly missed out on the Santa Claus traffic to our neighbours - the Finns.

For those of you looking for new explorations, the Norwegian polar region has many assets, being a large, scarcely populated wilderness bathing in light from the midnight sun in the summer, and clouded in eternal night during winter.

Northern Norway can also offer a good infrastructure with several major airports close to the larger and smaller centres in Finnmark and Troms county.

In order to travel non-stop to Northern Norway to find Santa Claus, you may try to find a seat on a chartered flight from Europe, if you want to visit Tromsø and its surrounding area.

If looking for regular direct international non-stop flights to the Paris of the North from where you live, you will , most probably, be looking in vain. Two out of three direct flights to Tromsø are operated by Aeroflot to destinations in Russia, to Arkhangelsk and Murmansk, two equally exotic cities off the beaten tracks.

There is one weekly non-stop connection to western Europe only, to London Gatwick, operated by Norwegian Air Shuttle. This means that you most likely will have to travel to one of the larger Norwegian airports and catch a domestic flight to look for Santa and his reindeer. Preferably Oslo Airport, Norway's main hub.

But if changing from international to domestic flights, be prepared to have to take your luggage through customs, and then check it in again. This even apply if your bags have been checked in to your final destination in Norway. Then you have to wait for a new corresponding flight that will take more than two hours to reach the land beyond the polar circle.

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