Friday, October 09, 2009

Feel Air - a new long haul airline with a fresh breath

Oslo is a back water on long haul non-stop flights. Most times Norwegian passengers will have to change planes in Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, or Paris. The new Feel Air is determined to change this. Two planes will operate new non-stop flights from Oslo and Stockholm to New York and Bangkok starting 2010. We wish them luck! We need all the competition we can get.

The Swedish Norwegian duo Kai Holmberg and Otto Lagarhus have invested NOK 240 million, and will start with 2 Airbus 330-200, one based in Stockholm, the other in Oslo. They will operate on a flexible schedule, flying passengers from the two capital cities to New York and Bangkok. The two investors believe that the key to success is keeping the two vessels in the air as much as possible.

Around 3 million passengers in Norway and Sweden travel to these two destinations every year, and Holmberg and Lagarhus hope that they will get 350 000 passengers the first year.

See the Feel Air company website here.

Non-stop flights from Oslo Airport to Europe, Middel East, Asia and the US October 2009

View International non-stop flights from Oslo Airport - status October 2009 in a larger map

On special maps you find non-stop flights operating from Europe to the largest Norwegian airports. Here you have non-stop flights from Oslo Airport to destinations in Europe, Middle East, Asia and the United States.

On these maps you will find markers that display status on different non-stop flights to Norway. A red marker means that flights is seasonal and not in operation or that an earlier non-stop flight has been canceled. A green marker shows that there is a new non-stop flight planned to this destination. A yellow marker means that there a seasonal flight still operating to this airport. An airplane button means that service is in operation all year around from one European destination to Oslo international airport.

Non-stop maps now available for following airports:
(Photo: Feel Air website)

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