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Église Saint-Nizier - Lyon

Église Saint-Nizier is one of the major church buildings in Lyon. This impressive late 15th century building is located in the heart of the old merchant quarter. The church represented the burghers principal authority in contrast to the religious canons of Saint John Cathedral on the other side of the river Saône. Église Saint-Nizier was the location on which elections of consuls and oldermen were proclaimed.

It has been places of religious veneration on this location for 2000 years. The first was probably a Roman Temple dedicated to Attis, a deity originating from Anatolia, venerated throughout the Roman Empire. From the 5th to the 13th century there were several churches buildings on the site, the latest burnt down in 1253.

One famous member of the congregation in this late period was Peter Waldo, (c. 1140 – c. 1218), the founder of the Waldensians, a Christian spiritual movement of the Middle Ages, descendants of which still exist in various regions.

Église Saint-Nizier was rebuilt as late as the 15th century in a flamboyant Gothic style and in the late 16th century got the addition of a marvellous central portal with its Renaissance coffered open vault decorated with angel heads.

Finally in 1855, the architect Benoit the central tower and the spire of the southern bell tower. Among the treasures to be seen inside, see the clock perched in the middle of the vault.

(Photo facade: Groumfy69)

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