Thursday, October 15, 2009

Copenhagen - Danish Pastry Heaven!

Danish Pastry. A word, mostly used to describe puff pastry delicacies with custard, jam and frosting. When walking around the Danish capital you see bakeries displaying an abundance of different breads and rolls. The Danes are masters in the art of baking many different pastries, sweet or savory, as well as fine wheat or full grain. Here are a two stories from my visits in Copenhagen.

Delicious displays at Illum's bakery.

One of the most delicious displays of all kind of pastry is found at Illum's, located at Strøget, Copenhagen's famous pedestrian precinct.

Located by an equally impressive florist shop, you find a large window, and a bread junkie get a strong urge for instant carbohydrates when faced by the abundance under offer here. The fantasies of crispy crusts and white fluffy wheat underneath runs through your mind.

As these pizza rolls, with cheese, a little tomatoes and Mediterranean herbs, a whole meal in itself, or used an ordinary roll with cheese, ham, or any other of your favourite spread.

If you want something more plain, there are plenty of rolls to choose from. You can pick rustic rolls with whole grain (above) or fine rolls.

If find it very satisfying to go to the bakery and buy fresh pastry. In this way, you do not only enjoy the best product every day, but you also waste less, as you only buy what you need for the day, leaving no bread to go stale in you kitchen drawers. Waste not, want not!

Illum's: See story Lunch for breakfast here

Fusion scones at Cascabel

Walking down Store Kongens Gade, close to Amalienborg Palace - the home of the Danish queen Margrethe, you find Cascabel, a up scale foodshop run by Bernard Berthier.

Here you can buy home made chocolate, cakes and petit fours as well as nougat Montelimar, and other sweet treats that can make your mouth water. The shop is also offering fresh salad and pastry.

I was captivated by the scones offered at Cascabel, hardly resembling the traditional British counterparts, but true fusion baking, inspired by the new global village.

As these, creatively flavoured by tomatoes, jalapeño pepper, cheddar cheese, and curry (right) or scones with carrots, cheddar cheese and coriander (below right).

These scones are a far cry away from those served at traditional cream teas with jam and clotted cream. These fusion scones are better enjoyed with well matured cheese and cured ham and a good glass of red wine.

Copenhagen is a haven for carbohydrate hungry junkies, a race under persecution from nutritionists advocating low-carb diets.

These are only two outlets out of many selling tempting pastry delicacies in "Kongens By", so I do recommend those of you passionately in love with good pastry to travel to Copenhagen!

You will not regret it!!

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