Saturday, October 24, 2009

Alsatian snacks

On and off you are highly surprised when the food you have booked arrives at the table. As I was, when ordering a sandwich at Le Roi et son Fou, a small bistro located at 37, Rue du Vieil Hôpital, just a stone's throw away from Strasbourg Cathedral. Here a sandwich is served the way you make it at home....

You wander around at you destination, and suddenly you feel the urge for a small snack, nothing filling, rather enough to keep you going until a lunch or even a dinner.

I sat down at Le Roi et son Fou (The King and his Jester), a small bistro, looked over the menu and found just what I wanted - a sandwich with jambon or ham. I ordered it (and a glass of red wine), under the impression that it would be a traditional sandwich, i.e. a thick slice of ham, maybe a little mayonnaise and a cornichons, squeezed in between two soft slices of fine white bread.

Surprise, surprise! I was served three slices of plain, whole grain bread, with a thick slice of boiled ham, a few salad leaves, and a hard boiled egg. Just like the sandwiches you care to make in you own kitchen. Unexpected, but good in all its simplicity. And the red wine was good.


Le Roi et son Fou
37, Rue du Vieil Hôpital
F-67000 Strasbourg
+33 3 88 23 22 22

Quiche with goat's cheese at Place Gayot

Alsace is widely known for its pies or quiche. The neigbouring province, Lorraine, has even one named after it. At place Gayot we found Restaurant La Table du Gayot, a small tavern and bar, and we decided to order to try one type of this Alsatian specialty.

We looked through the small lunch menu, and decided to try a quiche with goat's cheese, a nice surprise.

It had that agreeable taste released by these cheeses, some like them, others do not. A delicious creamy consistency, often difficult to achieve, and the price? Equally agreeable. The quiche served at Restaurant La Table du Gayot that day was a great bargain at lunch.

Restaurant La Table du Gayot
8 Place du Marché Gayot,
67000 Strasbourg
Phone: 03 88 36 30 27

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