Thursday, September 03, 2009

Winstub Le Clou - Strasbourg

When visiting Strasbourg, you are advised to try the local cuisine. I suspect that a gingerbread city as Strasbourg has its fair share of tourist traps. It is important to find a place where you can get the real stuff. We were recommended Winstub Le Clou. Everything was right at Le Clou, except the main course.

Location and accessibility: BBBBB-

The island that makes up Strasbourg is criss-crossed by old medieval streets and narrow passages. Le Clou is located in number 3 rue de Chaudron, an old and very intimate medieval street, a stone's throw away from the Cathedral. An ideal place to have an old local inn.

Service: BBBBB

Winstub Le Clou have exquisite service. On their website you will find a full English, German, and French menu, and an declaration that all languages are spoken - and they were.

Interior and atmosphere: BBBBB

Winstub Le Clou is a place with an intimate atmosphere. As we had not booked, we were asked to enjoy an early dinner, or eat somewhere else. We decided at arrive at 7 PM and found the restaurant completely empty.

The guests make up a large part of the atmosphere. The good part of the experience was that we could admire the beautiful, elegant interior, reflecting the atmosphere of Alsace. Warm dark wood, rustic traditional furniture and an eclectic collection of paintings and other ornaments.

Food: BBBB+

We decided to try a starter and a main course. We both decided to try the famous truffled Goose Liver (€21,09) and a traditional fillet of pork in mustard sauce (€18)

Starter: Foi Gras d'Oie Truffe: BBBBB

I can not resist high quality goose liver and certainly not in Alsace, one of the main areas producing this delicacy.

We were served a decent slice of the stuff with a large eye of black truffles, garnished with aspic, balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt. Wicked, deliciously smooth with an overpowering nutty aroma only found in high quality goose liver.

Filet Mignon de Porc, sauce moutard a l'ancienne: BBBB

As a main course we were served pork tenderloin of pork immersed in an old style mustard sauce with whole mustard seeds and with fried potatoes on the side. No greens.

The tenderloin was extremely tender, the sauce was creamy and smooth and the mustard seeds provided an interesting crunch. The potatoes were, however, a disappointment. Not crisp, but greasy and soggy, and very rich when eaten with the mustard sauce. I would have recommended mashed or boiled potatoes to accompany this dish.

The mustard in the sauce provided an intense sweet aroma with a bitter after taste, and was the dominant and overpowering taste. The lack of balance in the form of other seasoning made this a disappointing culinary experience.

Drink: N/A

Not rated.

Rating Winstub le Clou experience: BBBBB (4,77 points)

Winstub Le Clou is no tourist trap. Top rating due to location, great interior and atmosphere, excellent service and first course. Main course disappointing, but I feel an encore possible, as it may have a few culinary treasures in store for future visits.

Winstub Le Clou
3, Rue Chaudron
F-67000 Strasbourg
+33 3 88 32 11 67

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