Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sunrise over the Atlantic

September 18th 2009. Woke up, after a short night, rather jet-lagged in my cousin's house, located on a barrier island in Northern Massachusetts. After having taken a good mug of coffee, my cousin left for her job at school, and I went down to the beach to watch the sun rise.

This beautiful island on the North Shore of Boston is where many have their summer homes. When you see the beach you certainly understand why. A long, wide beach made up from the most beautiful white sand, and one or two rows of houses protected by sand dunes. Every summer the beaches ad the nearby resorts are packed with people, but mid September, after Labour Day, the calm settles in this beautiful beach side community.

Salisbury Beach, MA - the place to experience a sunrise over the Atlantic, as I did today (as I am writing this just an hour after I have experienced it). I highly recommend travelers from Europe and beyond to consider a summer vacation here. You do need a car to get her, as public transportation is none-existent.

A national welcome

When I arrived, yesterday, September 17th, I knew I was welcomed, as my cousin pointed up on her upstairs terrace. Look I've put out the Norwegian flag for you!

Norwegian flags are a rarity here, as most of the flags I've seen are either the star spangled banner or the Irish, as the inhabitants of the green island have a profound cultural influence in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. So much, in fact, that communities on the Boston South Shore are often called the Irish riviera.

Well, for once, there is a Norwegian flags waving in the wind in this quiet seaside resort. As I write I have 10 days left of my vacation. It seems like such a long time, but I know, sadly that this seemingly long period pass so quickly.

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