Friday, September 25, 2009

Ryanair: Higher luggage fees from October

Ryanair and fees are two words that are getting increasingly synonymous. To enjoy the Irish budget airline's low air fare you meet more and more demands. From October the message from the airline is, according to Danish - travel light or pay up, or rather; pay much.

70 % of its travelers have, according to Ryanair, conformed to the demand to bring carry on luggage only, and claims the average price of its air fare has fallen 20% in 2009, saving passengers a large sum of money. It may be OK to travel with hand luggage for a weekend, but what If you are traveling for a week. Then one piece carry on luggage would not contain enough to maintain a normal life style.

Ryanair also fails to mention the fact that it also has introduced other fees not heard of in other airlines. You have to, e.g. pay to use their in-flight toilets. The airline also operates their services to airports further away from the destination they claim to serve than many other "more expensive" airlines.

It would be interesting to calculate the total cost of their so called budget air fare including fees and transportation for normal travelers.

From October Ryanair has a piece of good news to their travelers. The airline will then allow travelers to bring two pieces of checked in luggage weighing a maximum of 15 kilos each, instead of one. Ryanair will however still penalize those of us traveling with checked in luggage.

The new fees for checked in luggage will be:
  • 1st item:
    On 15 EUR
    At the airport: 30 EUR

  • 2nd item:
    On 35 EUR
    At the airport: 70 EUR
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Anonymous said...

Ryanair mainly targets leasure travelers, so i think it's a big mistake to go further into this stupid heavy luggage fees, Ryanair is going to loose a lot of passengers

Tor Johnsen said...

I truly agree with you! It is a difference between being cost efficient and being regarded as mean. Another important question is whether you can market yourself as truly low cost when you pay for what other airlines may offer for free. Ryanair is also often traveling to airports located far from the destination they are suppose to service, leaving travelers with higher transportation costs and longer traveling time to the destination