Sunday, September 13, 2009

New non-stop flight Oslo - Arbil, Iraq

Do you want a flight to a place off the beaten tracks? Then you will be able to flight non-stop Oslo to Arbil, the capital of Northern Iraq, from September 16th 2009. For those of you that would consider this as a possible destination, I may warn you that Iraqi Kurdistan is still considered to be an area to be avoided. This according to the travel advise to tourists issued by the Norwegian foreign office.

It is the Swedish air carrier MCA Airlines that will have one weekly flight from Oslo to Arbil, with a stop at Landvetter international airport in Göteborg. Along with one or two adventurous Scandinavians, the main group of travelers will be the large group of Kurdish nationals that has settled in Scandinavia. There are also an increasing number of business travels from Scandinavia to Iraq.

Arbil is the third largest city in Iraq, and is an ancient city with an impressive city wall and old historic buildings. It looks like an intriguing place to travel to in more peaceful times.

The flight will take around six hours, including the stop at Landvetter. You will be served a hot meal on your way with beverage. You are allowed to bring 30 kilos of luggage.

(Photo: New Arbil Airport c/o Koosar)

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