Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lunch for breakfast

Both Danes and Norwegians eat "frokost". Whereas the Norwegians have their "frokost" as breakfast, the Danes enjoy their "Morgenmad" - food in the morning. And the Danes have their "Frokost" for lunch. Confused?

The Danes are, in my mind, continental compared to the Norwegians. This as they focus on their lunch, leaving breakfast as an insignificant event during the day. The Norwegians, however, love their breakfasts with bread, cheese, jam, coffee and juice.

When my sister and I visited Copenhagen we arrived in the city between 10 and 11AM, intending to have a Norwegian "frokost" for breakfast leaving us hungry for a Danish "frokost" for lunch 3-4 hours later. We went to Illums and ordered an open Tuna sandwich. It was a reasonably inexpensive, a little under DAK 100 (13 EUR).

Illums is an extraordinarily elegant café located at the ground floor of the Department store with the same name, facing "Strøget" the pedestrian precinct leading from Kongens Nytorv til Rådhuspladsen, Copenhagen's outdoor ballroom by the impressive City Hall. Here you are surrounded by Danish design - furniture and lamps in wood, chrome, plastic and glass. We found our table by the window, sat down and waited for our "morgenmad" to arrive.

The Danes are known for their generous open sandwiches, and as the slice of dark bread arrived at the table, it dawned on us, that a traditional Danish lunch may be out of the question, as the open sandwich was big, even enormous. The slice of bread was totally concealed under a very impressive heap of tuna salad, i.e. tuna fish, mayonnaise, onion, and seasoning.

Deliciously, deliriously Danish taste, though, and those touring Copenhagen should definitely try one of the generous open sandwiches at Illums. And do not do, as I did, and order coffee - try a cold Carlsberg or Tuborg and a cold snaps!!

Det er sgu' dejligt!!

PS! We managed lunch too!!

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