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Grabbing a snack along Mass' Ave'

Massachusetts Avenue, or Mass’ Ave' as it is called, cross right through Harvard Square. Along this busy street and by the square itself you will find a large number of places to eat or drink. This is one of my favourite places in Boston to sit down, take a light snack, and look at the busy life on this famous campus. For those of you on your way to this area, there are a few places I recommend.

In business for four decades - Bartley's Burger Cottage

Last September I spotted the impressive sign outside Bartley's Burger Cottage. No wonder this snack place has managed to stay in business in this area for more than 40 years, and I have read as much to understand that Bartley's Burger Cottage is a place to try.

I have decided when I return to Harvard in a months time that I will go there to eat ye traditional American burger.

Address: 1246 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA, 02138

Au Bon Pain - a favourite among students

This is a café with so much personal sentiment connected to it, as it has been there during my 21 years visits to the Harvard area. Located in the heart of the square, it is as popular with students as well as University employees and tourists, as the first time I enjoyed a coffee and a cookie there in 1988!

At Au Bon Pain you can grab pastry, salads, and other light snacks, along with your a coffee or tea. You may have to wait to order, as this is a busy place, with long lines in front of the cashiers, but when you have got your grub, take it outside, sit under a tree and enjoy the Square.

Address: 1300 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138

Yenching - proper Chinese grub

A nice place if you are in the mood for Chinese food. An informal Chinese restaurant in the heart of Harvard serving the most delicious food. A very popular place always as it is always packed with people during lunch or dinner.

Last year I tried one serving of their steamed dumplings and a serving Crab Rangoon, a clear favourite - deep fried dumplings filled with cream cheese and crab meat, with a bottle of Tsingtao. Awesome!!

Address: 1326 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138

Once upon a time - salmon crepe at Z-Square

If you are looking for Z-Square at 14 JFK Street, you will search in vain. This place is out of business. Z-Square was a place to either hate or love for the locals, as I discovered looking through reviews at One review stated that:
"Good riddance. This place was obnoxiously smug, the staff was inept, and the food was overpriced and terrible. Really, the best part about this place is that it closed down."
And the opposite view:
"HBS memories, a lot of brunches spent here....i go here whenever i have a salmon crepe craving. however, after i discovered arrow st crepe down the street, i stopped going to z square."
Sad, really, as I enjoyed this particular crepe at Z-Square last year, filled with cream cheese and salmon with a freezing cold glass of dry white wine. Maybe I should try Arrow Street Crepe instead?

Going to Boston soon?

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