Friday, September 18, 2009

Expensive Boston area hotels

I just have admit it; Boston is a high cost location, particularly if you want to find a hotel to stay in. I just checked on a few hotel booking sites what I would have to pay for a room at the evening of my arrival there in September. There were many low cost hotels - but they were far outside the downtown area.

I will arrive at 6.35 PM EST, i.e. 12.35 AM CET, in the middle of the night, European time. To go directly to a hotel for a good night's sleep before you travel on, would have been so good - but not in September 2009. It is absolutely not worth it.

There were many hotel rooms available from $80. None of them were in the downtown area, but in suburbs as Dedham, Norwood, Saugus or Revere, and you would need to have a car to get there.

Boston is an expensive city, even compared to capital cities as London or Paris. In these two capital cities you will find good downtown hotels for under $100 a night. To get a room in Boston you will have to double the price.

I just have to give up the idea of a night in Boston. For let's face it - for $200 I may get other, more awarding experiences during my journey.

I will have to find my northbound C&J Trailways bus leaving Boston Airport 8.10 PM, get my luggage on board and sit for an hour arriving at Newburyport Bus station 9.10 PM. There I will be met by my cousin and I will stay in her house for five days.

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On the picture above you see the sign of the prestigious Lenox Hotel, with the John Hancock Tower -Boston's tallest building, in the background. It was built in 1900 by the hotelier and impresario Lucius Boomer. When it opened, the Lenox was the tallest building in Boston. It is located in the busy Back Bay Area of Boston.

Since then, the Lenox has been an institution, and many influential people have had the hotel as a temporary Boston home.

The Saunders family took over in 1963. They have made a series of meticulous restorations and improvements including one in 2003 that earned worldwide recognition for historic preservation and design.

The Lenox has now reinvented itself as a luxury Boutique Hotel. If I had chosen the Lenox as my home for the night from September 17th to September 18th I would have had to pay from §245 for a Classic Room with a King or Queen sized bed up to §2000 for a Back Bay Suite, i,e. two room suite with 42 flat screen- surround-sound- airbath . Wouldn't that have been fun?

See hotel website here

And here is a taste of Lenox from Youtube.

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