Saturday, September 05, 2009

Cimber Air open new non-stop flight Oslo Ålborg

September 4th Cimber Air opens up one daily flight from Oslo International Airport to Ålborg in Denmark. Cimber will take up competition with Sun Air and Air Norway that fly from Oslo to this destination all year. Norwegian Air Shuttle is also operating a seasonal service to the largest city of Northern Jutland.

Cimber Air is based at Sønderborg, and operates domestic flights and flights from Denmark to the Nordic countries, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and the UK.

Ålborg is a beautiful old city and the regional centre of the area around Limfjorden, the fjord that separates Vendsyssel in the north with Jutland in the south, the only part of Denmark physically connected to the European continent. The city has a 1000 year old history and the metropolitan area, including the city of Nørresundby has a population of around 200 000.

From here it is easy to travel to Norway by several ferry services or by railway to the continent.

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On top - Cimber AIR ATR 72-500 taxing at Bornholm airport by Danielle dk
Middle - Ålborg Nytorv by Tomasz G. Sienicki

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