Friday, September 04, 2009

Air Baltic - fly free if flight is delayed

The Latvian air carrier Air Baltic is in crisis. Until January 2009, Scandinavian Airlines was a major shareholder in Air Baltic. According to Danish, the company will now have to get financial aid from the Latvian government to stay afloat, or risk bankruptcy. qoutes the company's Director General, Bertold Fick, that confirms that they will get around 50 million USD from the Latvian government.

The latest stunt from the crisis ridden airline to hold on to its passengers is a seemingly tempting offer. If flight is delayed more than 1 hour, Air Baltic passengers will get their next flight for free. But it is a snag here, of course. Passengers will have to pay a 13 Euro insurance premium when booking, to claim this "free" flight.

Travelers may not claim a free flight if the delay is caused by extreme weather, industrial action or other force majeur events.

Technically a flight is officially delayed, if it arrives more than 15 minutes after schedule. 88% of Air Baltic flights arrived within schedule arrival, slightly worse than the record of Norwegian Air Shuttle.

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In Norway, Air Baltic is currently operating direct flights to Riga from Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Ålesund and Tromsø.

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