Monday, September 21, 2009

15 Airports off the beaten tracks

I have already had a story on several airports off the beaten tracks on Enjoy Food & Travel.
The website has made a list over 15 European airports supposed to service major cities, but which are located so far away that the name used in their marketing may be deceptive or misleading.

This deception is even cunningly used in their marketing. Oslo/Torp, Frankfurt Hahn, and Paris Beauvais are good examples on how budget airlines market airports off the beaten track. When traveling by a budget air fare, be advised to check exact where you travel to, as you may have to add a considerable amount of time and money for transportation to the price of that cheap ticket.

Here are the list of airports listed by Skyscanner with a distance to the cities they are supposed to service.

1. München West (Memmingen): 112 km to München
2. Oslo (Torp): 110 km to Oslo
3. Frankfurt (Hahn) – 110 km to Frankfurt a. M.
4. London (Oxford) – 97 km to London
5. Stockholm (Skavsta) – 95 km to Stockholm
6. Barcelona (Girona) – 94 km to Barcelona
7. Barcelona (Reus) – 94 km to Barcelona
8. Paris (Beauvais ) – 88 km to Paris
9. Düsseldorf (Weeze) – 80 km to Düsseldorf
10. London (Stansted) – 66 km to London
11. Tokyo (Narita) – 60 km to Tokyo
12. Verona (Brescia) – 53 km to Verona
13. Glasgow (Prestwick) – 51 km to Glasgow
14. London (Luton) – 51 km to London
15. Milano (Bergamo) – 50 km to Milano

Skyscanner has even a list over airports located closest to major cities. The airports serving Taipei (TW), Belfast (UK), Salt Lake City (US), San Diego (US) and Tallinn (EE) are all located 3 miles or 5 km away from the city centre.

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