Sunday, August 02, 2009

Tales of a Country Kitchen

Summer vacation 2009 is over. I spent two lovely weeks in tranquility in our old house on the South Eastern coast of Norway. Besides gardening, swimming, reading and other activities of leisure, I have had plenty of time to cook in my new kitchen. This has produced a few memorable culinary moments. Some of these tales from a country kitchen will come here on Enjoy Food & Travel in the weeks to come.

Cooking in a 400 year old house has its charms and its challenges. A brand new kitchen has certainly provided relief for an amateur cook. Enough desk space has made it easier to prepare food, and provide self-service at parties. Preparing tapas for 16 was SO much easier this year than last year, and preparing dinner for six has become a piece of cake. That was clear when my good friend and Enjoy Food & Travel co-writer Øivind Grimsmo arrived with his wife Monica and their two kids the first weekend.

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The second and another Enjoy Food & Travel contributor arrived the coming weekend with a bag full of goodies. Dagfinn Skoglund is a magic cook, and the ingredients he brought went into a few magic memorable culinary moments. He brought fava beans, artichokes, merguez sausages, beef fillet, Hellmann's Dijonnaise, and even more. I will get back to the contents of this bag of goodies.

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The essence of good country cooking is time, and with two weeks far away from any distractions, you have enough time to experiment and try to reach another level in your quest of culinary nirvana. But in that quest, less is often more. A few good ingredients are most often better than several of lower quality. My thoughts go to a meal with king crab, white bread, delicious rich butter from Kviteseid and Hellmann's Mayo. Heaven with a dry white wine!!

So stay tuned for Tales of a Country Kitchen here on Enjoy Food & Travel.


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