Monday, August 10, 2009

Ryanair establish second Norwegian hub at Rygge Airport

Ryanair is concentrating on taking a larger chunk of the international flight market to and from Norway. Now it is offering Norwegian Air Shuttle competition by extending its activity to another airport. Rygge airport is conveniently close to Oslo, as well as the densely populated Østfold County. Mid July Ryanair announced that they will open new flights to several new destination from their new hub this fall.

Ryanair will open traffic from Rygge to the following destinations:
Be aware that the airline use low price airports that are located far away from main cities. You are therefore well adviced to check location, transportation times and costs etc. from these airports before booking.

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Sky is the limit says Ryanair - remove limitations on traffic!

Norwegian authorities has however imposed severe restrictions on how many flights that may operate from Rygge. The Norwegian Ministry of Transportation has imposed a maximum 15000 flight movements from the airport per year. This means that the number of flights by Ryanair may not grow as much as they have done from their main Norwegian hub, Torp airport. That is, unless the Ministry removes its strict limitation.

Erik Hjemsäter, Ryanairs Scandinavian representative, confirms in a statement to the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten that these restrictions prevent the airline from further expansion in Norway. If limitations are removed, he believes that the sky is the limit for the companys activities from Norwegian airports. Top of the list is a flight to Amsterdam, or rather Eindhoven, but flights to many the 33 other destinations are within reach for travelers from Rygge, Haugesund and Torp.

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