Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Passage to Cinque Terre

I am asked to provide assistance in ordering trips, and I gladly do so. In July I was asked by a friend to find cheap air fare and accommodation in the Cinque Terre district by the breathtaking Ligurian coastline in October.

She had been told by her local travel agent that a trip here would end up very expensive, even outside peak season. I do not know whether this showed pure incompetence or whether it was a blatant lie in order to secure a over priced deal for their company.

A quick search on the net proved airfare and nine nights in a double room an affordable venture. But do not expect any luxury, as this means economy ticket with stopovers and staying in a one star hotel with character.

This booking covers round-trip tickets for two from Oslo Airport October 21st to Genoa, returning from Genoa October 31st and nine nights in a double room in one of the towns of Cinque Terre.

I tried a quick search on, and found that offered a roundtrip ticket for NOK 2015,- or 229 EUR. Hardly a rip off. Flight serviced by Augsburg Airways, Air Dolomiti, and Lufthansa, with good margins at the stopover. Some would say too much time, on the return trip, but the alternative to 4 hours in Munchen is 30 minutes, and I do recommend all transit travelers good margins on corresponding flights. Less risk and less stress, and Munich airport is one of the better places to relax between flights.

And at I found Hotel La Zorza in Riomaggiore. The website gives this description of this small one star hotel:
Housed in a building dating back to the 17th century, La Zorza is a lovely affordable Cinque Terre hotel boasting a convenient location in Riomaggiore, a medieval town rich in history where you can admire the castle offering breathtaking sea views. The city of Riomaggiore lies the Cinque Terre National Park.

La Zorza Hotel is named after the typical Riomaggiore vineyard and offers a great spot for a pleasant and relaxing vacation in the Cinque Terre, Italy. The hotel will welcome guests in a completely restored setting.

Start the day with a delicious Italian breakfast served in the charming breakfast room and after an interesting sightseeing tour or a pleasant day at the local beach, sip your favourite drink at the hotel bar. Moreover, in the breakfast room there is an Internet Point to keep in touch with your friends.

The pictures look nice, but what is more important. Former guests has evaluated their experience to 8,2 out of 10. Only two, however, have stayed there, but their reviews were good.

And the price for it all? 1248 EUR, i.e. flight and nine nights shared accommodation, breakfast included – for two! Hardly a chocking price for a trip to one of the most beautiful towns of Cinque Terre.

I am waiting in suspense whether they will take my advice and book. I will keep you posted.

UPDATED: Status per August 6th 2009

I am pleased to announce that the trip is booked and the two fellow travelers are VERY happy!! As we booked, we discovered that the price of flights had dropped even further, meaning more money to use on their destination.

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