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Top five restaurants on Enjoy Food & Travel 2009

Enjoy Food & Travel has reviewed 30 restaurants in 2009. We've had great culinary experiences in 7 countries. Here are the five best restaurants visited in 2009.

  1. Reviewed March 21st 2009: La Nansa, Sitges (4,78 points)

    My favourite in Sitges. A five-star experience at a very decent price. Book a table and enjoy a terrific meal.

    Enjoy Food & Travel highly recommend La Nansa and will certainly return for another meal the coming summer.

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  2. Reviewed September 3rd 2009: Winstub Le Clou, Strasbourg (4,77 points)

    Winstub Le Clou is no tourist trap. Top rating due to location, great interior and atmosphere, excellent service and first course.

    Main course disappointing, but I feel an encore possible, as it may have a few culinary treasures in store for future visits.

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  3. Reviewed June 22nd 2008: Zodiaco, Sitges (4,72 points)

    We left completely satisfied.

    Absolutely one of the best experiences in Sitges.

    Highly recommended by Enjoy Food & Travel.

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  4. Reviewed April 24th 2009: Fond Restaurang, Göteborg (4,70 points)

    Fond is a restaurant that deserves its Michelin star for a creative and interesting menu, excellent service, and elegant interior.

    We had a great meal at at very decent price, but found that the cooks did not manage to keep the same high quality and finesse through the whole menu.

    Read full review of Fond Restaurang here

  5. Reviewed January 18th, January 23rd 2009 and April 26th: M3 Mat & Bar, Oslo (4,69 points)

    Great traditional food and wine at a restaurant with great character.

    Highly recommended in downtown Oslo. A must for those of you that want to enjoy traditional Scandinavian cuisine.

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