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5 Scandinavian airlines among Europe's 9 most punctual

August 3rd Flightstats launched their Airline and Airport On-time Performance - July 2009 Report. The report measures every month the number of flights arriving within 15 minutes of published schedules. 48 European airlines have been evaluated by Flightstats, and 5 out of 8 of the most punctual airlines were either Norwegian, Danish or joint Scandinavian.

The two top airlines are smaller airlines operating fewer number of flights. The most punctual airline, Binter Canarias' result is based on 1547 flights, most of which are running within the Canary Islands, and to Spain, Portugal, Madeira and Morocco. VLM is even smaller (based on 894 flights) as it operates between Antwerp and London City airport.

The results of the larger airlines (SAS Norway, KLM Cityhopper, Wideroe's, SAS, and KLM are based on much larger samples (5938 - 8945) showing a surprising punctuality even among larger airlines. Norwegian Air Shuttle's good result is based on only 2700 samples, a surprising low number, as it is taking over an increasing share of Norwegian domestic and international flight market.

See the full report from Flightstats here

Europe's best 8 airlines

The 8 best airlines in Europe July 2009 are:
  • Binter Canarias (ES) 97,48%
  • VLM Airlines (BE) - 94.07%
  • SAS Norway (NO) - 93.72%
  • KLM Cityhopper (NL) - 93.58%
  • Wideroe's (NO) - 93.49%
  • Cimber Air A.S. (DK) - 93.24%
  • SAS - (SC) 90.19%
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle (NO) - 89.74%
  • KLM (NL) - 89.50%
The old giants are struggling

The larger airlines are less punctual. 81,1% Lufthansa flights were more than 15 minutes delayed according to schedule. For Air France and British Airways the performance was even lower (78 and 73 %)

Budget airlines are less punctual

Some of the worst performers were the largest budget airlines. This in spite of the fact that they are working hard to cut down on time for check-in and boarding flights. This to such an extent that flights have left earlier than scheduled when remaining passengers have showed up for check-in too late. Some of them are also using smaller airports with less traffic, instead of the main European hubs. Here are the results of some important budget carriers.
  • 18. German Wings - 1889 out of 2280 flights (82,85%) arrived within 15 minutes of published schedules.
  • 26. Air Berlin - 3016 out of 3811 flights (79,14%) arrived within 15 minutes of published schedules.
  • 38. Ryanair - 8229 out of 11678 flights (70,47%) arrived within 15 minutes of published schedules.
  • 43. EasyJet - 8221 out of 16503 flights (62,98%) arrived within 15 minutes of published schedules.
(Photo: Klaus Botta)

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