Saturday, July 25, 2009

Una cerveza muy, muy grande!

If you visit Cervecieria InterTapa in Barcelona, do not ask for "una cerveza grande" unless you are prepared for a double serving, because that is what you will get!

June 16th we traveleled up to Sagrada Familia in order to check the progress of the work. It is strange to see this enormous church be completed bit by bit. You will see the old parts of the facade and then you see parts of the building that are under construction or just completed.

This marvel is absolutely important to visitors, both for first visitors, and for those of us that return every year. We walked around the site to admire the progress, and then retreated into one of the streets to get a refreshment.

We sat down on some chairs and asked for "una cerveza grande", believing that we would be served a glass of 50cl of the fluid. What we got was a huge glass mug containing 100 cl or ONE WHOLE LITER!!

We were rather surprised, as we had expected the waiter to provide us with the information that a "cerveza grande" at InterTapa in fact is "una cerveza muy grande", but he did not, and I think our apparent surprise amused him.

Well, with an oversized milk mug filled to the rim with cold beer in front of us, there was nothing else to do, than start the hard work. We succeeded in our quest to quell our thirst, as it was hot, hot, hot that day.

So ye be warned - there are places in Catalunya that serve you beer in a bucket, so you may be surprised when ordering "una cerveza grande."

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