Friday, July 24, 2009

Söta flickorna Kanold!

I do no have a sweet tooth. I am lousy when it comes to desserts, or making cakes for that matter. There is, however one exception to this rule, one major, secret and very sweet vice - chocolate! Do not fear, I am not turning straight on you, but in Göteborg I had one very sweet and passionate rendez-vous with the Kanold girls. I begged them on my knees to open a shop in Oslo, and I dare say - they did not leave that option out!

I have lived in Belgium, a country with passions for truffles, round bonbons made from the best chocolate. When I entered Stora Saluhallen in Göteborg I saw that flickorna Kanold announced on a small black board what fresh chocolate truffles that were under offer that day. Even though they had four different specialties on today's menu, there were varieties in abundance - they were very well stocked indeed.

The Kanold's have been in the chocolate business for a very long time. They came to Göteborg from Germany in the 1890's and Fred and Anton Kanold started their first chocolatier business in 1901. It was sold out of the family gradually, and in 1980, none of the original family members were back in the firm. In 1998, the Kanolds returned as Jeanna Kanold took over the old chocolate shop in Victoriapassagen.

Today you can buy lemon truffles, white champagne truffles, truffles with chili - a truly sensational tasting experience. Combining chocolate and chili is actually a very old tradition. In Mexico, the home of the chocolate it goes back to the Aztecs, and even today they mix chocolate and chili, also in savory food.

When traveling to Göteborg, a visit to Saluhallen and Flickorna Kanold is highly recommended. Then you can do as we did - we bought a selection of their chocolates to enjoy bite by bite. As you know; "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get"

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