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Playa del Ingles - delights at Den Danske Kro

Playa del Iingles has taverns and bars that cater to all tastes and nationalities, but guess who was happy when he found a Danish tavern serving open sandwiches? I was! Under southern skies the sandwiches were unmistakably Danish, but where do they get their Bearnaise sauce from?

Location: BBBB

Den Danske Kro is located on the top level of Yumbo centre, one out of four large centres at Playa del Ingles. Levels of concrete overlooking a palm garden, hardly the most charming or romantic place to dine, but the location is good – at the heart of the resort.

Service: BBBBB-

Den Danske Kro had a staff, that provided us with good Danish hospitality, and the small talk so typical of the Danes. We were served with no delay, and we were both very happy as we left – in fact we decided to come back for more – twice!

Interior & atmosphere: BBB

It was the people, not the interior that made Den Danske Kro charming. We were seated outside, the inside had a traditional interior. Relatively spacious around the table, but seating comfort was not optimal at all. We were given forks as we ordered.

Food: BBBBB-

We decided to enjoy open sandwiches for "frokost", i.e. Danish lunch. As I indulged in the Open sandwich with liverpaté, bacon and mushroom twice, I tried three of their open sandwiches. The food served a Den Danske Kro was among the best we had during our week, so we went there for dinner as well, and were slightly disappointed. Here are some snapshot of our treats:

Open sandwich with liverpaté, bacon and mushroom: BBBB+

This is a Danish classic, and one of my personal favourites. A large serving of liver paté, garnished with bacon, cucumber, cornichons, onion, on rye bread.

Good consistency – creamy paté, but the onion was a little soggy. Well balanced, well seasoned paté. A bargain at 5 Euros.

See recipe for open sandwich with warm pepper paté, crispy bacon, fried mushrooms and pickled cucumber on rye

Open sandwich with plaice and sauce remoulade: BBBBB

Another classic, another favourite. A large fillet of breaded plaice, lightly fried, served with remoulade.

Deliciously crunchy crust, firm and flakey white fish. Fresh sauce remoulade. As good as it gets, and as good as back in old Denmark!! A bargain at 5 Euros.

Traditional plaice sandwich as served at Wesselstuen in Bergen - see story here

Pork Roast with pickled red cabbage: BBBB+

Open sandwich with “Fleskesteg med rødkål” is something to order when visiting a Danish tavern. Thinly sliced pork roast on rye, garnished with pickled red cabbage. Good texture, tender meat, and well prepared red cabbage, with a little crunch. The pork a little low in seasoning, i.e. salt and pepper. A bargain at 5 Euros.

Pork roast with red pickled cabbage - a Norwegian Christmas treat

Wiener Schnitzel with boiled potatoes, green peas and sauce bearnaise: BBBB

Another classic, delicious if well prepared. Wiener schnitzel may often end up dry if fried to long. Not at Den Danske Kro. Delicious crunchy crust, and the thin slice of meat was succulent and tender. Fresh firm green peas, and slightly waxy boiled potatoes.

Great stuff. If the secrets is in the sauce, IT clearly disappointed us. We had this rich and tasty butter based sauce twice, at restaurants at Playa del Ingles, and I dare say - they must have had the same supplier. A good bearnaise should have bitterness from vinegar, sweetness from feshly cut tarragon and rich, salt aromas from the butter. First and foremost, there wre no reassuring spots of green (did the supplier add tarragon at all), and very little salt and vinegar. The winer schnitsel at Den Danske Kro would have been SO much better with a proper bearnaise.

Schnitzel Cordon Bleu - variation of a theme. See story here

Drink: BBBB+

What better to enjoy to sandwiches than a beer, accompanied by a shot or two Gammel Dansk Bitter. A regular, tasty pilsner type beer. It made the meal feel even more Danish, until you turned your head and spotted the tall palm trees in the garden beyond

Rating the Den Danske Kro experience: BBBB (4,12 points)

Low on interior and location, but definitely the (and only) place for Danish grub in the neighbourhood. One of the best options at the Playa, good service - and open sandwiches.

I will return!!

Den Danske Kro
Yumbo Centre
Playa del Ingles

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