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UPDATED: Enjoy from A-Z: Rated Hotels 2006-2012

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To make it easier for you, I have compiled all the reviews of hotels on Enjoy Food & Travel for the years 2006-2009 on this page. Enjoy!

Highly Recommendable BBBBB: (5,00 - 4,51 points)
  1. Melville House*, Johannesburg - South Africa: BBBBB (4,96 points)
    One of my best experiences ever, thanks to Heidi Holland and her staff!!

  2. Blue Waters Hotel*, Durban - South Africa: BBBBB (4,95 points)
    A hotel with a superb location, a room with a view to die for, a first class experience at an exceptional price!!

  3. Grand Hotel des Terreaux*, Lyon - France: BBBBB (4,87 points)
    A bargain at a very good price. I will certainly return here at my next visit, and Enjoy Food & Travel recommends the hotel as a good place to stay in Lyon.

  4. Commodore de Luxe Cabin*, M/F Pearl of Scandinavia - Denmark: BBBBB (4,85 points)
    A great way to travel to Copenhagen. A recommended getaway for a romantic couple.

  5. Stanhope Hotel, Brussels - Belgium: BBBBB (4,82 points)
    When visiting Brussels in December 2010, I stayed at Hotel Stanhope, described as a boutique hotel decorated in English Country style. It certainly deserved all its five star rating, and it was the best hotel I stayed in in 2010.

  6. Park Inn Alexanderplatz*, Berlin -  Germany: BBBBB (4,81 points)
    Great bargain in Berlin!!

  7. Hotel Metropole*, Brussels - Belgium: BBBBB (4,80 points)
    There are few hotels, I have ever stayed at, that have left a mark than the stately Hotel Metropole in Brussels. It is built in 1895 and is a monument of times long gone carved in granite and marble, and lit by crystal chandeliers.

  8. Radisson SAS Hotel*, Fredrikstad - Norway: BBBBB (4,77 points)
    Radisson SAS Hotel Fredrikstad- an exquisite hotel experience

  9. Oscarsborg Hotel & Spa*, Drøbak - Norway: BBBBB (4,73 points)
    A great stay in a newly renovated hotel and historic monument on a superb location.

  10. SPECIAL RECOMMENDATIONS: Eden Andalou Spa & Resort, Marrakech - Morocco: BBBBB- (4,68 points)
    Professionally run Resort and Spa Hotel at an unbeatable price. One of my best hotel experiences for years. Several restaurants and bars, pools and beautiful garden - a true garden of Eden.

  11. (3) Santa Maria Hotel, Sitges - Spain: BBBB+ (4,61 points)
    Santa Maria is still a great bargain in Sitges. The lower score compared to the last one, is due to stricter and improved evaluation in the Bargain rating system. This to emphasize that our stay this year was as good as last year. The Enjoy Food & Travel team will certainly return here again.

  12. Irving House, Cambridge MA - United States of America, BBBB+ (4,55 points)
    A classic Bed & Breakfast in a quiet charming area of Cambridge MA. Greater Boston area easily available by subway and bus-services. Harvard square with restaurants, bars and shops nearby. Highly recommended by Enjoy Food & Travel. We will certainly go back.

  13. Hotel Atlantis*, Barcelona - Spain: BBBBB- (4,54 points)
    Enjoy Food & Travel strongly recommends Hotel Atlantis to those of you visiting Barcelona.

  14. Royal Sonesta Hotel*, Cambridge MA - United States of America: BBBBB- (4,53 points)
    A very good place to stay, and for those of you that want a romantic weekend, Royal Sonesta is a very good deal.

  15. InterCity Hotel Schwerin, Schwerin - Germany: BBBB+ (4,51 points)
    Enjoy Food & Travel recommends InterCityHotel Schwerin. Great breakfast but there are potential for improvements of both rooms and facilities.

    Quality Hotel Edvard Grieg
    , Sandsli - Norway: BBBB+ (4,51 points)

    Normally closer to five B's. I would have recommended that the hotels had been closed through the renovation.

  16. Hotel Nicolo*, Paris - France: BBBB (4,50 points)
    Hotel Nicolo
    is a hidden gem. It is quiet and charming with a tiny but lovely garden and newly redecorated rooms and very helpful and accommodating staff.

  17. (23) Radisson Blu Hotel Scandinavia, Göteborg - Sweden: BBBB+ - (4,48 points)
    Highly recommended by Enjoy Food & Travel. A professional run business class hotel to a economy class price. A bargain in Göteborg.

  18. Aintree Lodge, Pietermaritzburg - South Africa: BBBB+ (4,45 points)
    Recommended at Pietermaritzburg. Bring you own mosquito repellent, though! How to get tfurther up on this list? Check your bathrooms and make proper coffee for breakfast. I'll check this the next time I visit.

  19. SPECIAL RECOMMENDATIONS: Hotel Armada, Istanbul - Turkey (January 2nd 2010): BBBB+ (4,43 points)
    Terrific location, good service, and a great breakfast buffet was offered at Armada Hotel. Newly decorated and immaculately cleaned and maintained. Armada Hotel is recommended by Enjoy Food & Travel.

  20. Sundown Ranch Hotel, Sun City - South Africa: BBBB+ (4,40 points)
    Sundown Ranch offers recommendable accommodation at an unbeatable price.

  21. Stora Brännbo, Sigtuna - Sweden BBBB+ (4,36 points)
    Stora Brännbo is a professionally run hotel in a scenic setting. Both the tranquility of small town Sweden, as well as the Stockholm metropolitan area is within reach. Good overall standard, excellent service, and a buffet breakfast to die for.

  22. Radisson SAS Royal Hotel Bryggen, Bergen - Norway: BBBB+ (4,35 points)
    The only thing royal is the price. Great breakfast, location and facilities, but partly rude, and inexperienced staff. Room in need of total makeover.

    Hotel Acta Millenni Hotel
    , Barcelona - Spain: BBBB+ (4,35 points)

    The best stay I've had in Barcelona until now. Would particularly thank the very nice reception staff. Would have been a great plus to have breakfast included in the price, and an air conditioning in working order.

  23. Hotel Cathédrale, Strasbourg - France: BBBB+ (4,34 points)
    Hôtel Cathédrale is good choice when staying in Strasbourg. It has character, charm, and an unbeatable location. A little low on indoor facilities, some needs of maintenance and certainly not suited for elderly or disabled.

  24. Copenhagen Admiral Hotel, Copenhagen - Denmark: BBBB+ (4,30 points)
    Copenhagen Admiral Hotel is a modern first class hotel in a 220 year old storage house, and has the Danish Royal Palace as its closest neighbour.

  25. Economy Class, M/F Crown of Scandinavia - Denmark: BBBB (4,29 points)
    Traveling budget in Japanese style. Tiny, but well organized room, at a low price. Good bargain for money.

  26. Radisson SAS Hotel Oslo Airport, Oslo - Norway: BBBB+ - 4,28 points
    An excellent choice for those that want to catch an early plane. Very professionally run hotel comfortably located by the Oslo Airport terminal.

  27. Park Inn Arendal, Arendal - Norway: BBBB (4,19 points)
    Another good Park Inn hotel, providing good value for money on the south eastern coast of Norway. Recommended by Enjoy Food & Travel.

  28. SPECIAL RECOMMENDATIONS: Hotel Terra Viva Saphi Cusco, Cusco Peru: BBBB (4,12 points)
    I did not book our stay at the Tierra Viva Saphi Hotel in Cuzco at random. My sister stayed there last Christmas and loved this hotel and praised its generous breakfast included in the price. That made our choice easy. 

  29. Highland Hotel & Spa, Geilo - Norway: BBBB (4,11 points)Recommended hotel to stay in the middle of Geilo city centre, close to the railway station, but beware - in spite of the high standard, you pay per person, and it may get expensive. If you look for a less pricey alternative, check other hotels in the neighborhood.

  30. Commodore Class, M/F Pearl of Scandinavia - Denmark: BBBB (4,05 points)
    Traveling in a Commodore class cabin is a very expensive experience, and by no means a bargain. This sum could have been better spent on two flight tickets to a European destination.

  31. Bergen Travel Hotel, Bergen - Norway: BBBB (4,04 points)
    Recommended at the rate. Good bargain at a very decent price. When booking at full rate the hotel would get a mere BBB+ rating (3,52 points).

    SPECIAL RECOMMENDATIONS: Riad Libitibito, Marrakech - Morocco: BBBB (4,04 points)

    Marrakech offers a wide range of accommodation to tourists. Staying in a riad in the Medina, the old city, is something to consider, for those of you looking for a piece of the real Morocco. We chose to stay at Riad Libitibito for a week, and we did not regret that choice.

  32. Comfort Hotel Trondheim, Trondheim - Norway: BBBB (4.03 points)
    A budget hotel located in the middle of Trondheim, Norway. Small, but smart single rooms in Scandinavian design. Breakfast a chaotic experience, avoid the hot breakfast, if you do not like rubbery eggs, steamed bacon and sausages in baked beans. Low in inhouse facilities but a good bargain at only NOK 620 per night.

    Bayrischer Hof, Heidelberg Germany: BBBB (4,03 points)
    When looking for hotel in Heidelberg, Hotel Bayrischer Hof appeared as one of the best alternatives considering factors as price and location, also according to tripadvisor, ranking it as number 9 out of 77 hotels in the city. I liked Hotel Bayrischer Hof. Good service, excellent breakfast at a very low price.

  33. Color Fantasy Luxury Cabins, M/F Color Fantasy - Norway: BBBB- (3,88 points)
    My experience is when staying in any exclusive cabin on ferries sailing between Norway and the continent that you will not get a product according to the price you pay.

  34. Quality Spa & Resort, Son - Norway: BBBB (3,87 points)Quality Spa & Resort Son is an immaculately clean, new designer hotel, with an unexperienced staff. A modern, but a bare, rather cold interior, at a wonderful location by the Oslo fjord. There is much potential here, but the price is per person and rather steep.

  35. Steens Hotel, Bergen Norway: BBBB (3,86 points) 
    I made a reservation on at Steens Hotel run by the Steen family for over 60 years and is located in a historic building in the old city centre. Steens Hotel is for those of you looking for accommodation with atmosphere.

  36. Conrad Brussels Hotel, Brussels - Belgium: BBBB (3,83 points)A grand hotel experience in Brussels. Large, and very impressive lobby area. Location in major shopping area, but located 20 minutes away from the historic heart of Europe. Very expensive rooms, and you will have to pay extra for breakfast, internet access and to get admission to exercise centre. At his price, you could so much more in other, and more personal hotels in the European capital.

  37. Skinnarbu Høyfjellshotell, Rauland - Norway: BBBB (3,80 points)A month ago I had a chance to stay at Skinnarbu Høyfjellshotell. This mountain resort situated by the Møsvatn lake in Rauland, in Telemark, the heart of Telemark. This was all in all a decent experience, but not enough to be regarded as highly recommendable.

  38. Quality Hotel Grand, Kongsberg - Norway: BBBB (3,80 points)I looked forward to revisit Quality Hotel Grand in Kongsberg, as I remember it to be a well run hotel. Even though I got a large suite, I am afraid to say that it did not add up to a grand score. There were a few details that spoiled the experience.

  39. Hotel Port Sitges Resort, Sitges - Spain:  BBBB- (3,70 points)
    We had high expectations to our stay at the Hotel Port Sitges Resort. We wanted to stay outside the town, and enjoying seafront views and especially silence. These expectations were met, but my rating reflects the fact that the hotel had no inhouse bar or restaurant, and it was pricey compared to what you can pay elsewhere, and at that price, one would expect breakfast to be included in the price

  40. P-hotel, Trondheim, Trondheim - Norway: BBBB- (3,64 points)
    Less is not more, but much less at P-Hotel. Still recommendable for no nonsense guests. Personally I like the nonsense more......

  41. Comfort Hotel Runway, Oslo Airport Norway: BBBB- (3,63 points)he hotel that offered the best deal for a double room was Comfort Hotel Runway, located west of Norway's major airport. In spite of the marketing we found our Comfort Hotel Runway experience very disappointing.

  42. Clarion Hotel Tyholmen, Arendal - Norway: BBBB- (3,60 points)
    Prime location in the old part of Arendal and just by the water. We had decent sized room with a view over the Arendal city fjord. Few inhouse facilities offered to paying guests. Clarion Tyholmen Hotel is overpriced compared to what is delivered.

  43. Hotel Sct. Thomas, Fredriksberg - Denmark: BBBB- (3,59 points)
    Hotel Sct Thomas - a hotel for people on a budget, and with no expectations. For those with higher demand - pay up, or travel to Berlin to get higher standard at equal prices.

    Park Inn Hotel Oslo Airport, Oslo - Norway: BBBB- (3,59 points)

    Our stay at Park Inn Oslo Airport was, however, disappointing. Our room was small, the interior was smart enough, but the Scandinavian design made the hotel cold, bare, nay - hostile.

  44. Thon Hotel Bergen Brygge, Bergen - Norway: BBBB- (3,53 points)
    A budget hotel at the lower end of the scale, budget as in feeling a little cheap, as well as inexpensive. Great location. Good breakfast you have to pay extra for. Low in inhouse facilities.

  45. Stella Maris Hotel, Hamburg Germany: BBBB- (3,56 points)
    We chose Stella Maris Hotel after browsing through tripadvisor that ranked it as one of the better hotel in the North German metropolis. We found Stella Maris Hotel an agreeable place to stay in Hamburg. 

  46. Hotel de France, Ferney-Voltaire - France: BBB+ (3,44 points)I had high hopes for my stay at Hotel de France. I dare say that I was quite disappointed. It felt budget and was overpriced compared to what you paid.

  47. Apartementos Las Gacelas, Playa Del Ingles - Spain: BBB+ (3,40 points)
    The Las Gacelas Apartments is a cheap accommodation at Playa Del Ingles in more than one sense of the word. I would hesitate to recommend it any other than to those who are looking for a inexpensive place to stay and do not care about comfort.

  48. City Living Hotel Schøller, Trondheim - Norway: BBB+ (3,37 points)
    Rooms in first class hotels in major Norwegian cities, are among the most costly in Europe. With this in mind, I got away with a modest expense when staying in City Living Hotel Schøller in Trondheim, but what was offered were the bare necessities.

  49. New York Hilton, New York, NY - United States of America: BBB (3,25 points)
    The New York Hilton was a bit disappointing. I have stayed at Hilton hotels before, in Bali and Vancouver and although these two hotels were very different, they were both excellent. The New York Hilton is not.

  50. Thon Hotel Polar, Tromsø - Norway: BBB (3,15 points)
    Thon Hotel Polar offers good location and decent service to those of you visiting Tromsø, Norway. My room was small, badly furnished and dated and bath / shower room was in need of serious renovation.

  51. COMING: Pratic Hotel, Paris France: BBB (3,06 points)

  52. Sunotel Aston, Barcelona - Spain: BBB- (2,8 points)
    Enjoy Food and Travel does not regard the Sunotel Aston as a recommendable place to stay in Barcelona.
* Hotels ranked according to old system, and given a higher score than other, similar hotels. 

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