Sunday, July 12, 2009

Enjoy Food & Travel awarded 7th best Travel/food blog 2009 by Tripbase

It is always good to be noticed, and it is even better to given an award. We received the following e-mail from
Tripbase yesterday.
"After careful consideration, we have elected to give your blog an award for providing one of the best Travel and Food-related blogs out there. You have emerged in 7th place for this category.

We feel your blog is an excellent example of what a blog should be and trust that you feel proud in this respect. We congratulate you on your achievement and are providing you with a badge to display proudly at your own discretion on your blog as a sign that you are in the top echelons of the blogosphere.

The badge is to show your fellow bloggers that you are one of the best bloggers out there. It will also afford both you and your blog a lot of credibility, as is a leading figure in the travel industry. On top of this, we'll also be putting a press release out in the coming days to major news sources announcing the travel awards, so this should hopefully garner you some additional exposure in the process.

This is a prestigious award and you should be able to display it with pride!

The badge itself links back to the awards page, which in turn explains what the awards are all about. Here is the URL of the specific award you have won, as well as a URL to the main awards page.

Your award URL:

Main awards URL:

Signed Chris Rutherford"
I am happy and honoured to be nominated, or even better - get an award. It is certainly not an Oscar, but it is nice that Tripbase has seen my work and liked it!

Tripbase Blog Awards 2009

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